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May 29, 2016

Reserve and Master your .blog Domain

Great news for bloggers. You'll be able to get a .blog domain soon, which makes available millions of new variations to match a blog name.

The new top-level domain extension is possible thanks to the team behind WordPress and .blog domains will be available to anyone, irrespective of the blogging platform used.

Up to now .com has been the main choice for blogs and websites, and it is nowadays increasingly difficult to find a desired available domain name. Now with the new top-level domain .blog you can get easier a name that matches your identity and blogging style.

While new .blog domains are expected to become available starting with August 2016, you can subscribe and get notified first once your desired .blog becomes available - and make sure you don't miss it.

Check here to learn more and be the first to know of your .blog domain availability.

Get a .blog domain
On another note, those who blog on Blogger also need to be aware that recently all *.blogspot.* blogs have been enabled to support HTTPS protocol. In this context it is advisable to follow the instructions to turn on HTTPS redirect setting, in order to avoid duplicate content issues. That's because most search engines see URLs with https:// and http:// as different addresses, and they aren't recommended to be available both at the same time.

With HTTPS in place some of you will get mixed content warnings - which could be fixed following the recommendations mentioned here.

Our widget and blogger service supports both https:// and http:// blogs. In case your mixed content warnings include a reference to BlogUpp or the widget doesn't load while on https:// (i.e. you installed the service a few years ago), simply generate a new widget code at blogup.com and replace it. The new widget code will fix the warning.

Wish everyone a great summer and happy blogging!

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