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Jan 28, 2015

Widget upgrade for HTTPS blogs

If you installed BlogUpp content discovery widget in the past, it is advisable to upgrade it. The previous version still works, but the new one has been improved.

The use of HTTPS / SSL is becoming frequent. Relevant to the blogoshpere is that now all WordPress.com blogs are loaded via HTTPS by default. In addition to added security and more privacy, there are a few other things to consider. For instance, certain browsers might show notifications when HTTPS blogs/websites include assets from HTTP sources (such as linked images). This is also known as a "mixed content" / "mixed protocol" warning. When a blog / webpage is loaded over SSL (HTTPS protocol), most browsers expect all of the assets to be loaded over the same protocol. Which also applies to our blog widget installed on WordPress.com blogs and other platforms on HTTPS.

In order to stop getting "mixed content" notifications, links to HTTP assets need to be updated to HTTPS or use relative protocol (whenever supported). A relative protocol - written as //www.myblog.com - instructs your browser to load the asset over the same protocol as the main page. If your blog loads over HTTPS, then the browser will try to load the asset over HTTPS as well. Similarly, if the main page loads over HTTP, the assets will be loaded over HTTP too. When using relative protocol it is necessary to make sure that assets are accessible both via HTTP and HTTPS.

We've enabled HTTPS support in the past to enable bloggers customize the widget for their secured blogs, optionally. Now the widget we provide is universal and supports both HTTPS and HTTP by default, without requiring any modification to it. To get the new widget simply re-submit your blog at blogupp.com and copy the new widget-code to your blog.

On this occasion please also be advised to place the new widget upper in the sidebar, ideally above the fold. Widgets included too low may be deactivated without warning, as per the terms of service.

The interactive content discovery widget (which we provide as an iframe) has been made HTML5 compliant. In rare cases we've noticed that some blog templates override widget style, which may result in a scrollbar being visible within the widget. If that is the case with your blog template, here's a hint to hide iframe scrollbars - simply add the following in the properties of the widget-code's iframe: scrolling="no"

HTTPS blog widget
// Photo via seanbear

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