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Dec 4, 2013

Adding blog widget to SSL secured sites

Secured blogs and websites with SSL normally have a URL that begins with "https://". If that is your case, note that when you install a blog widget from a non-HTTPS website, most browsers by default will not display the add-on as well as other page elements that come from non-HTTPS sources. You will also get a browser warning of mixed secure and insecure content.

To help our blogger community avoid these types of browser issues, we are glad to announce that now BlogUpp has SSL support for the blog widget, so that it can be safely installed on HTTPS websites. Note that we had SSL support on BlogUpp for a long time though, as a requirement for Facebook blog cross-posting to function.
HTTPS blog widget
When the blog widget is to be installed on an HTTPS-enabled blog, simply do the following:
  • submit your HTTPS-blog URL at www.blogupp.com for your widget-code to be generated;
  • copy the widget-code to your blog (recommended above the fold);
  • find in the widget-code src="http://go." and change to src="https://go."
That's it. Now you can connect our blogger community with your HTTPS blog, as well as use BlogUpp service on corporate blogs for private content distribution networks.

Please be advised to use the HTTPS-widget when required only, i.e. if your blog itself is secured with an SSL. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before enabling your HTTPS blog widget:
  • HTTPS-browsing is essential for websites that transmit personal and private information, since it protects data through encryption between the communication points. Whereas in case of web services that share non-sensitive public content, HTTP-browsing is optimal (e.g. most popular blogs do not run over HTTPS).
  • Data encryption over HTTPS takes slightly more time and resources; hence you could save both if data encryption is not really needed.
  • Older versions of web browsers do not cache HTTPS content, thus resulting in reduced speed of your overall browsing.
Hope the above is helpful. Please share your thoughts or concerns in the comments section below.

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