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Aug 14, 2013

Adblock Plus to support blogs. Join Acceptable Ads initiative

Adblock Plus Acceptable Ads initiative
You probably use Adblock Plus to get a cleaner web. As a blogger supporting your blog with ads that might be an issue. Now you can benefit from Adblock Plus by applying to Acceptable Ads initiative. It is completely free for blogs and we at BlogUpp strongly encourage you to take advantage from it.

Adblock Plus (aka ABP) is now the most popular ad blocker browser extension. Since the beginning of this open source project in 2006, the main goal of Adblock Plus has been to make the Internet a smooth place for everyone by disabling obtrusive ads.

It's a fact that Internet users don't like online ads, since most of them are annoying pop-ups, jumpy banners, loud videos, etc. Today there are more than 60 million active Adblock Plus users who have chosen to browse the web without these types of bothersome ads. And just recently the team announced that Adblock Plus is now available for Internet Explorer as well, in addition to being available for other popular web browsers.

On the other hand, there are millions of blogs that rely on advertising revenue. Many of them care about the layout and their content, which is why they chose to advertise in a non-intrusive way. Adblock Plus usage has grown by 49 percent in 2013. The more this number grows, the less viable the blogs become. So that's exactly why Adblock Plus created the Acceptable Ads initiative.

Acceptable Ads aims to be the middle ground between users' interests and publisher's interests. What Adblock Plus is after in the long term is for all websites to move to that middle, sustainable ground on which they can be viable through advertisements that do not alienate and bother their users.

Adblock Plus whitelist is growing day by day. Many publishers are already benefiting from it. 98% of all 60 million Adblock Plus users see Acceptable Ads every day, thus increasing their traffic and revenue. If you have a blog or small/medium sized website and you want to apply to join the Acceptable Ads initiative for free, please read these guidelines and apply accordingly.

We at BlogUpp would like to thank Adblock Plus team for this kind initiative, which puts both bloggers and users in more control, to make the web a better place. Your fellow bloggers will appreciate if you share this announcement with them, so feel free to press the share button. Thank you.

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