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Jul 3, 2013

Come to Content Marketing World

Content Marketing Institute organizes one of the most influent industry events - Content Marketing World, which we are honored to partner with and support. It's the largest conference where you can learn and connect with the best and the brightest in content marketing. To give you a clue on the quality of ideas shared at this content marketing event - you'll learn successful content strategies from marketers growing brands that bring to you services and products everyone loves, such as Coca Cola, General Electric, Volvo, Intel, LinkedIn and many others.

Content Marketing World
Content Marketing World is the premiere event that shouldn't be missed if you are serious about:
  • Engaging audiences efficiently,
  • Leveraging content marketing to build awareness,
  • Invaluable networking opportunities with the stars of the industry,
  • Learning and participating in content marketing workshops and summits.
Need more reasons on why Content Marketing World might be great for you? Please check here. And by sharing the event with media professionals and bloggers you know, you'll certainly do them a favour.

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