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Mar 18, 2013

Can we save Reader?

Google Reader is about to be closed. That's sad news for many true readers. Please sign this Change.org petition for our collective voice to be heard. We hope, and you'll know you tried at least.

Save Google Reader
Google has been and will continue to scan / index updates and web content for its main business - search. In this context, Google Reader has been the "obvious", simple and elegant interface to filter and read just the updates we want / subscribe to. Bringing it down seems quite unpopular according to numerous sources.

In an age of “shiny” apps the common sense and fundamental values are often overlooked, along with the user experience. Similarly, social streams limit control of what and when we get through various ranking mechanisms behind the scene.

On the other hand, Google Reader has been the web-based service to consume news and meaningful updates in a simple, time-saving and reliable way. Compared to alternative apps, Google Reader has been available in every browser, on every device, without the need to install anything and it seamlessly synced activity across all platforms.

So, can we get a re-consideration? We hope so, and with you joining - it could make the difference.

Update: the recommended alternative to Google Reader, which we personally find the closest to its user experience - is Feedly. Give it a try, and let us know should you discover for yourself a better reading option.

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Mar 4, 2013

Celebrating 5 Years of All Us Together

BlogUpp blogger community makes 5 years! It's nice getting presents, but it's a much greater feeling when you give. Cheering all bloggers and giving a 5,000 bonus to those who are 3+ years with us (active and highly rated by the community), as well as newer bloggers are getting a thumb up from BlogUpp Team for their great blogs.

Thank You for being with us and for supporting the community connect great bloggers and audiences. Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

5 Year Anniversary
// Image via Mom-101

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