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Oct 3, 2012

Facebook Apps Authorization Changes

Facebook has introduced a series of modifications to its platform starting with October 3rd, which handles apps authorization differently. This means that apps authorized earlier to cross-post to Facebook pages or profile, might need to be reauthorized from time to time.

In this context, should you not see your blog post being cross-posted to Facebook via BlogUpp, simply revisit blogupp.com, submit your blog repeatedly, and click Facebook cross-posting button. This should reauthorize BlogUpp app to publish your blog posts accordingly.

At the same time, by doing app re-authorization on a regular basis (e.g. once a month), you also ensure your blog is updated in our records with a fresh thumbnail more frequently, to promote your blog with an updated image.

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Anonymous facebook app developers said... (Tuesday, December 10, 2013)  

How do I RE-authorize an application to interact with my Facebook Account? It's missing from the applications area and on trying to reload comes up with two comma's in the left hand corner for a moment and goes back to my wall page?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, December 10, 2013)  

To re-authorize BlogUpp Facebook app you simply need to re-submit a blog at www.blogupp.com and click Facebook cross-posting button shown under widget-code. When doing so, you'll be asked to authorize the app again and blog cross-posting with then resume.

Hope that helps.

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