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Aug 19, 2012

The Best Blog Titles. Best Practices

Best Blog Titles. Best PracticesBlog titles are essential, and writing them properly is key to attract readers and support bloggers in promoting blogs. Although this fact seems obvious, and it's frequently mentioned throughout the web, this is still being overlooked.

Continuing blog best practices series, linked herein are great advices from Adam Vavrek of Skyword, in the blog post with 6 best practices for how to get the click, including title trigger words and examples. Note though that while writing engaging titles it is important to focus on the relevance of the title with the blog post, and have moderation in selecting the best words, in order not to end up with something spammy.

We hope the mentioned article will be of help to bloggers like you, for your blog's success. Please feel free to share your advices too.

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Anonymous Googma Sansar said... (Sunday, November 25, 2012)  

thank you for sharing nice tips. it will help me to improve my blogging. we know that title selection is hard job.

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