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Jun 29, 2012

WordPress.com custom domain blogs

Since there are custom domain blogs on WordPress.com platform, this blog post is to help bloggers with particularities while they submit a blog to our blogger community.

We've mentioned in an earlier tutorial that WordPress.com by default doesn't allow installing interactive widgets, which usually rely on JavaScript and iframes (WordPress.org allows such). Because of that we automatically generate a special widget for *.wordpress.com blogs.

WordPress.com custom domain blogs
Here's a little hint for custom domain blogs on WordPress.com. Suppose your custom domain blog is "MyBlogName.com"; in this case you should also automatically own the URL MyBlogNameDotCom.wordpress.com, which redirects to your custom domain. The hint is to submit your blog to BlogUpp as MyBlogNameDotCom.wordpress.com, i.e. formed by joining your custom domain name and "DotCom.wordpress.com" (for a .com domain), or "DotFr.wordpress.com" (.fr domain, for example). This way you'll get the widget-code that fits WordPress.com.

To help everyone make this simpler with WordPress.com platform, you are kindly asked to submit a predefined request to WordPress team for allowing interactive widgets. Thank you in advance for that.

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