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Mar 4, 2012

Cross-promotion to Facebook Pages

Announcing a new feature - cross-promotion to Facebook pages. Blog distribution to Facebook pages added to the blog promotion suite makes BlogUpp a truly all-in-one blogger support, meant to build awareness, connect bloggers and engage readers.

BlogUpp! Blogging-2.0 Social Networking
The new feature is an extension of existing cross-promotion ability, which pushes updates to personal profiles.
  • Now, after you submit the blog URL,
  • click Facebook cross-promotion button and
  • on confirmation page choose to enable distribution for Facebook pages you own, if any;
  • simply clicking "Cross-promote" button enables the blog distribution to selected Facebook page(s) on a regular basis. Simple as that!

We are excited to include this new feature on BlogUpp's 4th birth date. On this occasion we cheerfully salute our bloggers and thank you for helping build the authentic blogger community!

Update: due to changes in Facebook apps authorization, you might need to re-enable cross-promotion from time to time.

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