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Aug 29, 2011

Let's Celebrate the Blog Day!

Did you know that August 31st has been declared the Blog Day? The initiative started on BlogDay.org, and we'd like to pass it on, since great blogs deserve their special dedicated day.

Blog Day
The idea behind this is simple and yet powerful to create new connections between bloggers and blog readers. It's about getting to know other fellow bloggers from all over the world and show appreciation to their blogs. On this day bloggers usually recommend new and interesting blogs to their blog readers, to help discover worthy blogs. One way to start exploring is simply by accessing the interactive widget in this blog's sidebar, or via blog directory that is being updated regularly with new blog posts.

The blogosphere and social media space is powered by you, and each small action keeps it evolving. Let's take this opportunity to share noteworthy blogs and mark this Blog Day. Cheers!

// Image by ParadisoPerduto

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