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Jun 26, 2011

Contest: Community based Design

Hi there! We are excited to announce 2 new blogger contests and hereby invite the participation of our blogger community.

Blogger Contest. International
1) The first one is a design contest addressing everyone with a design eye. Have a great suggestion for BlogUpp's home page and directory design, to give it a gorgeous new look? You are most welcome to send your preview by email. When more previews are gathered - they'll be selected and voted by the community. The author of chosen design will be rewarded with a generous blog promotion pack across our content distribution channels, as well as featuring and recognition across our social media profiles.

2) The second blogger contest invites international bloggers, whose contribution is required to reflect the content of our current English home page to translated BlogUpp pages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Chinese Simplified / Traditional or Japanese). Are you a native speaker of one of the languages available and would like to be in? Simply send us an email to coordinate and confirm whether yours isn't being handled by someone else already; first comers are advantaged. The reward - same as for design blogger contest - a generous blog promotion package, featuring and recognition across social media.

The only entry prerequisite is to have a blog we'd be happy to share. No closing dates are being set for these 2 blogger contests, and they'll be open till we select what's best for the community.

Be invited and have a lovely winning summer!

Yours sincerely,
The BlogUpp Team

// Image by kees straver

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