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Apr 12, 2011

Celebrate Blogger Appreciation Day

Howdy! This is to salute and thank You - for being a blogger or simply a blogosphere consumer. On "Blogger Appreciation Day" in continuation to previous year's initiative we encourage to spread appreciation to the bloggers you follow and respect.

Greetings and handshake
This call is published in advance of April 14, to allow time for your preparation. To all of our community members, current and future ones – we send friendly greetings and much appreciation for sharing knowledge, for creating and leading opinions, as well as for making BlogUpp possible.

// Image by Jeff Bauche

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Blogger Comments [4]

Anonymous ken said... (Saturday, April 23, 2011)  

Thank You! i like

Blogger Unknown said... (Tuesday, June 28, 2011)  


Blogger Tony Casanova said... (Saturday, February 18, 2012)  

BlogUpp blogosphere the best of the world. Thanks to all staff and all blogging friends. Good evening.
BlogUpp é certamente a melhor blogosfera do mundo. Obrigado a toda a equipe e a todos os amigos blogueiros. Boa noite.

Blogger Moristo Lekka said... (Tuesday, February 21, 2012)  

thankyou blogupp,

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