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Apr 5, 2011

Enjoy Cross-Promotion to Facebook Pages

Update: Now BlogUpp itself supports cross-promotion to Facebook pages, since Facebook has disabled importing into Notes app, and below mentioned tip isn't applicable any more.

Cross-promoting blogs to Facebook & Twitter profiles is a feature that we announced earlier. For those of you who have a dedicated blog page on Facebook, we'd like to share a simple tip on how to publish blog articles to Facebook pages as well, automatically.

It's easy to activate, as follows:
Facebook Page
1.     Go to Facebook page manager and click "Edit Page" under the page that blog posts need to be published to;
2.    Choose "Apps" from left sidebar, and locate "Notes" in the list of apps;
3.    Under "Notes" click "Go to App", then click "Edit import settings" in left sidebar, and follow Facebook instructions.

That's it!

Engaging with followers and friends across Social Media is important for blog's success. Hence making use of blog distribution channels like the one above can be very helpful. Be encouraged to give it a try.

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Blogger Comments [3]

Blogger Unknown said... (Friday, November 25, 2011)  

am highly happy for this application, Thanks.

Blogger Unknown said... (Thursday, December 29, 2011)  

I can't find this on my facebook page: then click "Edit import settings" in left sidebar, and follow Facebook instructions.

after clicking GO TO APPS... these are the only line itmes shown on the left side of my facebook page:
ShriekNews's Notes
ShriekNews's Drafts

Browse Notes

Friends' Notes
Pages' Notes
My Notes
My Drafts
Notes About Me


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, January 08, 2012)  

@shriek, apologies for inconvenience. Unfortunately Facebook has disabled import ability into Notes application, which is meant to improve the engagement with followers, as well as personalize the interactions.

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