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Apr 20, 2011

5 Best Practices for Blog Success

From our experience curating blogs, here's a list of blog tips and blogger best practices on how to build a successful blog.

1. Go for shorter blog layouts to make the blog load faster.
Simply by limiting the number of blog posts per page to 10 (at most) - the blog gets more reader friendly as well as it helps SEO. That's because longer layouts require more time to load and most blog readers might not be patient enough till all content shows up, as well as search engines preffer crawling fast loading blogs.

2. Use images and videos in blog posts.
Relevant visuals make the blog more attractive and engaging. Images should be optimized for the web, so that not to be very big. Important as well - blog videos and audio embeds should not be auto-played. Advertising visuals should be moderate in number (if any) and relevant to blog content. In the same context, be advised to ping us to update blog snapshot whenever your layout changes or a cool visual is used.

3. Write about the things you are passionate about and be original.
Above all - authentic blog content is what matters the most. Along with the right blog layout and graphics, published quality content will get the reader. It only needs to be distributed/shared and we at BlogUpp are dedicated to support bloggers with that, towards your blog success.

4. Configure only one blog feed for RSS auto-discovery.
While offering multiple feeds to blog readers might be a good idea, the RSS auto-discovery link is mostly for blog services and RSS based apps. When there are more than one auto-discovery link - blogger services scanning your blog might not get the right feed, which was meant to be considered.

5. Use only essential blog gadgets that help the blog and entertain readers.
A good practice is to reduce the number of blog add-ons towards optimizing blog loading time, since each gadget adds up. Besides, too many gadgets installed result in a blog sidebar that is longer than content section itself, which is neither aestetic, nor good for the gadgets that are not in line with your blog content.

// Image by Tim Jones

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Apr 12, 2011

Celebrate Blogger Appreciation Day

Howdy! This is to salute and thank You - for being a blogger or simply a blogosphere consumer. On "Blogger Appreciation Day" in continuation to previous year's initiative we encourage to spread appreciation to the bloggers you follow and respect.

Greetings and handshake
This call is published in advance of April 14, to allow time for your preparation. To all of our community members, current and future ones – we send friendly greetings and much appreciation for sharing knowledge, for creating and leading opinions, as well as for making BlogUpp possible.

// Image by Jeff Bauche

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Apr 5, 2011

Enjoy Cross-Promotion to Facebook Pages

Update: Now BlogUpp itself supports cross-promotion to Facebook pages, since Facebook has disabled importing into Notes app, and below mentioned tip isn't applicable any more.

Cross-promoting blogs to Facebook & Twitter profiles is a feature that we announced earlier. For those of you who have a dedicated blog page on Facebook, we'd like to share a simple tip on how to publish blog articles to Facebook pages as well, automatically.

It's easy to activate, as follows:
Facebook Page
1.     Go to Facebook page manager and click "Edit Page" under the page that blog posts need to be published to;
2.    Choose "Apps" from left sidebar, and locate "Notes" in the list of apps;
3.    Under "Notes" click "Go to App", then click "Edit import settings" in left sidebar, and follow Facebook instructions.

That's it!

Engaging with followers and friends across Social Media is important for blog's success. Hence making use of blog distribution channels like the one above can be very helpful. Be encouraged to give it a try.

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