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Dec 20, 2010

Blog Feeds Need Your Attention

We have noticed lately that many blogs have invalid blog feeds; disabled FeedBurner url's are the most frequent. In this context please be advised to check your blog feeds periodically. For cases when feed URL is simply changed, please consider updating RSS auto-discovery as well, and re-submit to blogupp.com

It is important keeping your blog feeds functional, since we can promote your blog and deliver fresh updates thanks to RSS feeds. Many other blog services rely on blog feeds as well.

Obsolete Blog Feeds
We've also disabled a bunch of blogs lately due to inactivity. If one of those is yours and you feel that it has been done by mistake, please do let us know.

Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging in the New Year!

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Dec 13, 2010

Promotion for Websites (non-Blogs)

In this blog post we'd like to share tips for website promotion, and how to enable RSS for sites without feeds.

Blogs have enabled feeds by default, whereas standard websites (with static content) don't have this feature originally. Feeds are important in many ways, and here's a simple workaround to enable them when they are missing. Services like page2rss.com and feed43.com allow to generate feeds for any website. Simply provide your URL, and get the link to RSS feeds, which will update periodically as site's content changes.

Now enable feed auto-discovery simply by including the new feed URL in site's header. That's it! With these steps completed, the website can be submitted to content distribution services requiring an RSS feed, including BlogUpp - that can promote the website across its distribution channels. In addition to that, readers can now follow site updates via their preferred RSS reader.

The above mentioned services are free, with no sign-up. Alternatively, register with feedyes.com or use commercial tools, such as feedforall.com and feedity.com, which can create feeds for websites in a more professional manner.

Another tip from today's post is related to DNS. We highly recommend Google Public DNS. It has been noticed that quite often the DNS supplied by Internet providers prevent access to certain websites, including blogs hosted with Google, and others. Simply follow the link above to learn more and decide if it's a good fit for you too.

// Image by Jason Garrattley

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