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Oct 7, 2010

Building Social Media Influence

A recent study affirms: Content quality (not quantity) builds social media influence. Surveys conducted by Brian Solis and Vocus support this statement. You are invited to see the numbers, which make us both pleased and thankful to our bloggers for being a part of it.

Awareness vs Loyalty In our mission supporting a blogger community that creates value we do monitor blogs closely from submission onwards. Spam and splogs have been an issue for everyone. Luckily we have developed immunity to all kinds of useless blogs, and reject lots of them daily - to keep the community trustworthy and clean. All time leaders are "tattoos" and "hairstyles" related blogs. A friendly advice would be better to stay off those topics, because we are simply banning such blogs for good. If there is any you might encounter that seems as if it escaped our attention - please do let us know to re-consider, or vote it accordingly.

The point is: if you are in pursuit of numbers - be it blog readers, Twitter followers, etc - please keep in mind that quality and authenticity of published content determines your blog's success, and attracts readers' attention. Making use of any blog promotion service without considering those - won't do any good. Cheers!

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