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Aug 9, 2010

Meet Blogger gadget

Blogger gadgetA quick post here to announce the blogger gadget, meant to further ease getting blog promotion for your blog. Just click the "Add to Blogger" button, and complete gadget setup. That's it!

Optionally you can enable social networks auto-sharing via blogupp.com to spread the word to Facebook and Twitter. You are also encouraged to periodically check your BlogUpp! stats to see how your blog is doing.

Blogger gadgetLike with regular blog submissions - each blog gets through the review and widget activation phase, so that only quality content blogs get the blog promotion they deserve. Usually it's a day to complete that, and if there is a delay - it's due to rules and content quality guidelines - explained here; in short:
  • content quality,
  • widget position, and
  • sufficiency of content are the decisive ones.

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