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May 2, 2010

Cross-Promotion to Social Networks

We are excited launching a new feature to allow bloggers enable cross-promotion to Facebook and Twitter, to broadcast blogs on social web seamlessly and for maximum reach to your audience.

Opt-in to social web distribution at any time and for any blog part of BlogUpp blog network. Activate it in seconds:
  • Submit the blog at blogupp.com (no sign-up);
  • Click Facebook and/or Twitter cross-promotion button, and confirm the authorization. Done!
  • Every time you publish a blog post – your friends will know, automatically.

Moreover, we give away extra points for enabled Facebook and Twitter cross-promotion.

Update: Cross-promotion to Facebook pages is now also available, in just a single click. Please note that due to changes in Facebook apps authorization, you might need to re-enable cross-promotion from time to time.

BlogUpp Blogging-2.0 Social Networking
BlogUpp will regularly update your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed with latest blog post. This can greatly improve your blog promotion, now that your friends are mass syndicators of your blog across social web.

Happy blogging!

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Blogger Comments [117]

Blogger Ako Retna said... (Sunday, May 09, 2010)  

thank you

Anonymous hunainian said... (Tuesday, May 18, 2010)  

Thank you boss, nice widget

Blogger Unknown said... (Saturday, May 22, 2010)  

I love this widget and added it to my facebook and I will be back! Thanks so much. Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away they were meant to be there...to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become.

Blogger lookhard said... (Sunday, May 23, 2010)  

Thank you so much for this.

Anonymous The Launch Pointe said... (Tuesday, June 01, 2010)  

The widget is awesome! Thanks!

Blogger Michael winchester said... (Tuesday, June 01, 2010)  

thank you

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, June 10, 2010)  

Muy buena Oportunidad que nos ofreces Blogupp gracias a este sitema de verdad que los webmasters tienen un acceso a nuevas visitas muchas gracias..

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Friday, June 11, 2010)  

Thanks a lot

Blogger Unknown said... (Saturday, June 19, 2010)  

Great feature. GO BlogUpp!

Anonymous Info Nusa Tenggara Timur said... (Saturday, June 26, 2010)  

Nice widget. Thank's

Blogger Mili said... (Sunday, June 27, 2010)  

Si que es interesante.
Un saludo

Blogger Blogging from My Balcony said... (Friday, July 02, 2010)  

Added the widget thanks!

Blogger JOSÉ IGNACIO RESTREPO said... (Saturday, July 03, 2010)  

a very, very good instrument of auto promotion service...Thank you for all

Anonymous DATASET said... (Wednesday, July 14, 2010)  

Muchas Gracias por este excelente sistema.

Anonymous Seminyak hotels said... (Wednesday, July 14, 2010)  

great widget. Thank's

Blogger Unknown said... (Sunday, July 18, 2010)  

Great addition and feature for my blogs, thanks for the widget.

Blogger Unknown said... (Tuesday, July 27, 2010)  

its not updating i guess!

i followed all steps, and its not working correctly / as expected


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, July 27, 2010)  

@Ashif, it updates both Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, which we guess makes you have this assumption. Real-time update is something we have on our improvement schedule.

Anonymous Alex Barmin said... (Wednesday, July 28, 2010)  

Thanx for good service!

Anonymous Dredd said... (Sunday, August 01, 2010)  

more power to the Blogupp Team!!!

Blogger alwayzhunting said... (Thursday, August 12, 2010)  

Amazing widget. Have started using it, and hope to get my manual work mechanical and easier now.

Blogger Unknown said... (Monday, August 23, 2010)  

This widgit is going to be great to get followers.

Blogger Ieva said... (Wednesday, August 25, 2010)  

Thanks a lot:)

Anonymous William Reid said... (Thursday, September 02, 2010)  

Great widgit!!!

Blogger xxiyoungboysixx said... (Thursday, September 02, 2010)  

thanks ..... :))

Blogger Nonso said... (Friday, September 03, 2010)  

This is a really great addition. I'm currently using it to update my twitter account. Great work, guys!

Taciturn Turned Talkative

Anonymous Stella Smith said... (Saturday, September 11, 2010)  

hey great widget...Added to my blog. Thanx...

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Monday, September 13, 2010)  

How do I stop bloggup from updating my facebook and tweetter walls ? I want to update them manually.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, September 13, 2010)  

Very simple. You could either tell Facebook/Twitter not to accept more updates from BlogUpp, or tell us to update it for you.

Here's how you tell Twitter to do that:
 • Go to Twitter.com, login and choose "Settings";
 • Find "Connections" option and select "Revoke Access" for BlogUpp.

This is how to do it with Facebook:
 • Go to Facebook.com, login and choose "Account" > "Application Settings"
 • Find BlogUpp! in the list of applications and change app permissions.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Monday, September 13, 2010)  

Thank you for the quick reply. Worked like a charm :)

Anonymous Audra Mp3 said... (Tuesday, September 14, 2010)  

Thank you, i like it

Blogger scribadiva said... (Thursday, September 16, 2010)  

I'm having a lot of fun with it. So are my friends! They used to read my blog and call me on the phone, telling me how much they liked it, or we'd continue talking about the subject. But they'd never sign up! I think they are having fun voting, like they are of me or something. Thanks so much. I have to read more about the process; I assume someone has to nominate you in some way? In any case, thanks.

Anonymous peter dunin said... (Tuesday, October 05, 2010)  

Great share,thanks very much!

Anonymous Đăng ký tài khoản cá độ tại 188Bet said... (Sunday, October 10, 2010)  

Wonderful...thanks for share

Blogger Unknown said... (Wednesday, October 13, 2010)  

Thank you, i like it

Blogger Unknown said... (Saturday, October 16, 2010)  

Thank You!

Blogger MARÌA PEREZ said... (Wednesday, October 27, 2010)  

muchas graciass!!!!

Blogger abby said... (Saturday, October 30, 2010)  

thanks..nice widget!

Anonymous nanda said... (Sunday, October 31, 2010)  

thank you so much

Blogger Unknown said... (Monday, November 01, 2010)  

Thats Great i like it

Anonymous kiterkitikitu said... (Wednesday, November 17, 2010)  

awesome ..thnx you so much :)

Anonymous Michael said... (Thursday, November 18, 2010)  

Thank you and I am very happy to have found your site. Once my blog is approved I believe from now on I will be able to share automatically all my post to my friends on Facebook.

Anonymous Faizmusic said... (Saturday, November 20, 2010)  


Anonymous Anonymous said... (Monday, December 13, 2010)  


Blogger BankMSU said... (Tuesday, December 21, 2010)  

very nice widget! I have followers from blogupp

Anonymous Internet Area Net on the Zap said... (Sunday, December 26, 2010)  

cool thanks very much

Anonymous escorpiana said... (Friday, December 31, 2010)  

feliz ano novo a todos os amigos
muita paz. saúde felecidades e união
muito amor:


Anonymous Binter Blog said... (Thursday, January 20, 2011)  

Thank you very much. I just join.

Anonymous Foto lucu dan unik said... (Thursday, January 20, 2011)  

Great service for free. Just sign up. Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Tuesday, January 25, 2011)  

Blogup is a very great Service. I'm one of us

Anonymous cakraningrat8 said... (Monday, February 14, 2011)  

thank you good services

Anonymous Шаукет Камалдинов said... (Wednesday, February 16, 2011)  

Спасибо за виджет

Blogger papadiva said... (Saturday, March 05, 2011)  


Anonymous tikno said... (Saturday, March 12, 2011)  

practical way, I like it.

Anonymous Tatiana said... (Saturday, March 19, 2011)  

классно! посмотрим,что из этого получится

Anonymous Data Recovery Services said... (Wednesday, March 23, 2011)  

This is an owesome way to promote a blog by auto sharing.

Anonymous 4liv said... (Saturday, March 26, 2011)  

great tool for my blog, smart and easy to promote our blog.. thanks..

Anonymous Saeful Ulum said... (Wednesday, March 30, 2011)  

Very useful and good stuf

Anonymous resep masakan said... (Monday, April 04, 2011)  

I love it

Anonymous kamto said... (Thursday, April 14, 2011)  

thank you for this nice servive

Blogger TechnoMania said... (Sunday, April 17, 2011)  

We highly appreciate your widget. Thank You so very much! Nice widget. Very useful. So keep up the good work

Blogger rachmatbojawa said... (Thursday, April 28, 2011)  

thank you very much...nice service.. :)

Anonymous isman said... (Friday, June 03, 2011)  

Thank you very much ... very nice widget!

Anonymous Digital said... (Tuesday, June 07, 2011)  

Nice widget, thank you so much..

Blogger Andrew McDonald said... (Saturday, July 23, 2011)  

@The BlogUpp Team: What time does BlogUpp normally do its posting/tweeting?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, July 24, 2011)  

@A-Mac, we are pushing updates to Twitter/Facebook constantly throughout the day. The destination API's (e.g. Twitter's) queue the requests and might publish the updates with just slight delays.

Blogger Amaka said... (Friday, July 29, 2011)  

This is owesome, i love it, thanks

Blogger Unknown said... (Thursday, August 11, 2011)  

Many Thanks from Digital Rebel

Anonymous danny said... (Friday, August 12, 2011)  

thanks! Can't wait to setup my twitter and Facebook accounts for this.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, September 22, 2011)  

I like it...

Anonymous excel fix said... (Tuesday, October 04, 2011)  

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Sunday, October 16, 2011)  

Спасибо большое, мне нравится!))

Anonymous soul said... (Sunday, October 16, 2011)  

Замечательная идея!!!Огромная благодарность создателям проекта!

Anonymous Marvs said... (Saturday, October 22, 2011)  

very nice widget! thanks!

Anonymous CBT said... (Saturday, October 22, 2011)  

this is really cool and helpful!

Anonymous Vanesa Jaramillo said... (Friday, November 11, 2011)  

Genial, muchas gracias!!

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, November 11, 2011)  

@Vanesa, thank you as well! We are glad that you are a part of our blogger community.
Enjoy your blogging!

Anonymous James said... (Saturday, November 19, 2011)  

Thanks for the explanation. It is a great feature! Am implementing it right away.

Anonymous Надежда said... (Saturday, December 03, 2011)  

Класс!!! Спасибо!!!

Anonymous Asep Maulana Ismail said... (Friday, December 30, 2011)  

this widget is awesome.. i'm from Indonesia :)

Blogger Unknown said... (Friday, December 30, 2011)  

I was look it everywhere and finally I found it!! =)
Perfect! Works!

Blogger Yoga Sadega said... (Saturday, January 07, 2012)  

Thanks you very much BlogUpp.

Anonymous Dog Food Coupons said... (Wednesday, January 18, 2012)  

Huge time saver - sometimes you're just too lazy to cross-post.

Anonymous Dwijayasblog said... (Thursday, January 26, 2012)  

Just started today, I'll come back with result.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, January 26, 2012)  

@Dwijayasblog, your widget can't be activated in its current position. Please check the rules, and let us know when you are ready to be re-considered.

Anonymous Limundo Aukcija said... (Saturday, January 28, 2012)  

Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, February 01, 2012)  

Thanks you very much BlogUpp.

Blogger sihindependent said... (Tuesday, February 14, 2012)  

I like this thanks

Anonymous life quotes said... (Wednesday, March 14, 2012)  

amazing,....keep it up

Anonymous Lidiya said... (Sunday, March 18, 2012)  

Great idea! Thanks to developers.

Blogger YANI said... (Friday, March 30, 2012)  

Thanks you very much BlogUpp.

Anonymous Media Jurnal Indonesia said... (Friday, April 13, 2012)  

Amazing,Thank you.

Blogger MuhaiminAbd said... (Thursday, April 19, 2012)  

Thank you very much... I am interested to put this widget on my blog... Seems great...

Blogger effiedeans said... (Sunday, April 22, 2012)  

Thanks for the widget. Effie

Blogger Unknown said... (Monday, April 23, 2012)  

Thanks guys! :]

Blogger Unknown said... (Sunday, April 29, 2012)  

thank you

Blogger Unknown said... (Wednesday, May 30, 2012)  

Great, thank you very much

Blogger Jay Dubberliew said... (Friday, June 01, 2012)  

Crosspost worked fine for first few posts but stop working after that. I checked the setting in facebook, and it is set as allow blogupp to post on behalf. My latest post was last week, but havent updated until this week despite having another new post.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, June 07, 2012)  

@jon way, the main prerequisite for cross-posting to work is to have an active widget on your blog. If that is your case, and cross-posting still doesn't seem to work - please send us a support email with the link to your blog and we'll investigate. Hopefully this helps.

Anonymous wikibagus.com said... (Saturday, June 23, 2012)  

Yeah I have already joined

Blogger ctlprogrammer said... (Saturday, July 14, 2012)  

Only good for english blogs. Blogs in other langauges are receiving visitors that can't read their content.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, July 14, 2012)  

@ctlprogrammer, for most languages - bloggers will see blogs in their native language, i.e. Spanish will see Spanish, Portuguese - Portuguese, etc.

Just for very few languages - for which we have at the moment a smaller number of curated blogs - they might be grouped with similar ones, and hence the situation you are describing; particularly in case of Northern European blogs. We strive to serve more blogs from your very own language, and hence connect you to only those you can read, and which match your interests.

For the time being, thank you for letting us know about your experience, and for your understanding.

Blogger Dwi said... (Saturday, August 11, 2012)  

Thank You, nice widget

Anonymous Vyacheslav said... (Wednesday, September 12, 2012)  

Service giving real influx of visitors.Thanks!

Anonymous euromag said... (Monday, October 01, 2012)  

Thanks, this is great!

Anonymous rtet rajasthan said... (Saturday, October 27, 2012)  

i like this ...it's very most powerfull for blogging ranking

Anonymous andika said... (Sunday, November 11, 2012)  


Anonymous Anonymous said... (Monday, December 24, 2012)  

Thank you so much its rare and very nice widget!~

Blogger Yan® said... (Thursday, March 07, 2013)  

Nice widget..Thank's this is great..

Anonymous Caloundra Bookkeepers said... (Wednesday, May 08, 2013)  

Thanks for the widget. Awesome!

Anonymous cahkos said... (Thursday, June 20, 2013)  

tanks for widget, it's really nice

Anonymous Success Tips said... (Friday, July 05, 2013)  

This is so great. Content distribution is traffic king. Thanks.

Blogger Unknown said... (Sunday, July 14, 2013)  

A great Widget. Really helps a lot

Blogger Joe Wasia said... (Wednesday, November 06, 2013)  


Blogger Unknown said... (Sunday, March 09, 2014)  

Fantastic app.

Anonymous Clipping Path said... (Wednesday, July 16, 2014)  

Thank you. It's great. :)

Anonymous yuko said... (Sunday, June 21, 2015)  

thank you, great widget...

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