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May 2, 2010

Cross-Promotion to Social Networks

We are excited launching a new feature to allow bloggers enable cross-promotion to Facebook and Twitter, to broadcast blogs on social web seamlessly and for maximum reach to your audience.

Opt-in to social web distribution at any time and for any blog part of BlogUpp blog network. Activate it in seconds:
  • Submit the blog at blogupp.com (no sign-up);
  • Click Facebook and/or Twitter cross-promotion button, and confirm the authorization. Done!
  • Every time you publish a blog post – your friends will know, automatically.

Moreover, we give away extra points for enabled Facebook and Twitter cross-promotion.

Update: Cross-promotion to Facebook pages is now also available, in just a single click. Please note that due to changes in Facebook apps authorization, you might need to re-enable cross-promotion from time to time.

BlogUpp Blogging-2.0 Social Networking
BlogUpp will regularly update your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed with latest blog post. This can greatly improve your blog promotion, now that your friends are mass syndicators of your blog across social web.

Happy blogging!

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