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Mar 4, 2010

2 Years Together. Thank You!

Congrats to our blogger community for another year of blogger connections, mutual sharing, and sustainable intercommunication. BlogUpp! makes 2 years today!

BlogUpp! 2 Years Birthday Here are just some of the things that have kept us busy:

Blog discovery toolbar (including social blog features such as blog ratings, exploring, sharing, and commenting)
Blog directory optimization (for extra visibility, blog ranking and usability)
• New payment methods (now available worldwide)
Customized Premium (for each blogger sub-community)
• Real-time blog update on demand (for blog posting,
RSS feed URL, and thumbnail).

Above all, it's not the set of features that makes BlogUpp! unique, but the commitment to quality, simplicity and community service. Because sometimes less is more, and there is no magic in what we do.

Keep doing the blogging thing, contribute to global valuable knowledge sharing, and we'll support you with that. Together we can do more.

Warmest regards,
The BlogUpp! Team

// Image by Pink Sherbet

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