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Feb 19, 2010

Blog RSS Feed URL

RSS Feed
Blogs might change RSS feed URLs along their lifecycle or have multiple at the same time. We detect RSS feeds automatically when you submit a blog for participation into our blogger community. When you change blog's RSS feed URL, please be advised to re-submit your blog at blogupp.com and we'll update our records. This will also force an immediate blog snapshot update.

Should a blog have more than one RSS feed URL and BlogUpp is detecting not the desired one - you might consider this RSS tutorial to set only one for feed auto-discovery, or simply request us to change that after you submit your blog. Check your blog in the blog directory to make sure the right content is distributed.

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Feb 10, 2010

Valentine's Contest. Get Featured!

Love is in the air these days. We are announcing a contest to support this romantic movement - Valentine's Day. It's very simple to be in. Just click the next link to tweet your Valentine's blog posts with hashtags #Valentine and #blogupp.

Valentine's Day
On February 14th we'll choose 2 outstanding participating blogs to feature them in our blog directory, and offer a bonus for being broadcasted within the community. Everyone is invited; however blogs approved within BlogUpp! community will get more consideration.
Happy Valentines in advance!

// Image by asam

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