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Jan 11, 2010

Blog Discovery Toolbar

Discovering the new is exciting. Our blog promotion service provides now a blog discovery toolbar for you to enjoy this experience. It is a great way to explore blogs seamlessly and come across excellent new blogs.

The Discovery
The toolbar is generated automatically, and requires neither installation, nor sign-up. It shows up upon clicking in the widget (click it in the sidebar to try out the toolbar), and while accessing any external link from blog directory. Blog discovery toolbar comes enriched with a number of features, which offer the possibility to rate blogs, share them, comment and keep exploring blogs further. Note that in order to build impartial ratings, attempts to abuse with voting will be treated accordingly.

Blog Toolbar Preview
Above being mentioned, BlogUpp! represents now a blog promotion service that offers free blog marketing via 4 channels at once: blog widget, blog directory, social web cross-posting, and blog discovery toolbar.

// Image by concretecandy

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Blogger Comments [35]

Blogger Barry Dawber said... (Wednesday, January 20, 2010)  


I've only just found this fantastic blog through blogcatalog but think it's wonderful. Bit busy at the moment but I've bookmarked it on Delicious so I don't forget about it.

Thanks, I'll be back...

Blogger portiafaceslife said... (Monday, January 25, 2010)  

This looks good as a way of promoting my blogs. I'll look into it further. Thanks for inviting me to join.

Anonymous hackaday said... (Monday, January 25, 2010)  

Thanks man. Great job. I will explore all your blog very soon. If you want visit my blog.

Anonymous Phillip Gibb said... (Wednesday, January 27, 2010)  

Very cool, just started using blogupp :)

Blogger Sveety-Lana said... (Tuesday, February 02, 2010)  

Very cool!!!

Anonymous bixx said... (Monday, February 08, 2010)  

hi, i just added the widget on my blog..and i clicked on it to go bloghopping! but all the blogs shown were in a different language..did i click on something wrong?? how can i fix this?


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, February 08, 2010)  

@bixx, hi!
We've just re-considered, and your widget should be fine soon.
Your blog has some non-English text, which misled us.

Blogger Jolly Princess said... (Monday, February 08, 2010)  

Hi there, job well done! Kudos!

Anonymous Anna said... (Saturday, March 06, 2010)  

Thank you! A very useful thing. Hope for the sea flow of visitors.

Anonymous Jeremie said... (Sunday, March 21, 2010)  

This is what I have been looking for and I am so glad I found it! My blog caters to the luxury Lower Manhattan real estate crowd so it is a specific market but has news for everyone (events, buildings, etc.) It is so hard trying to promote solely on places like twitter since most people on twitter don't match the people I am targeting. Hopefully this helps. Thanks!

Blogger The Phantom of the Opera said... (Sunday, March 28, 2010)  

Es lo mejor que puede existir, blogg up! realmente levanta tu ranking entre los demás blog que puedan ser tu competencia. Pruebalo y lo veras!!

Anonymous nasehatguruku said... (Tuesday, March 30, 2010)  

great job!! Thank's

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Saturday, April 03, 2010)  

Blogup, it's very good for us. Thank you million.

Anonymous bibhash said... (Saturday, April 17, 2010)  

blogupp helped me in getting a lot o users

Blogger Sherry C said... (Tuesday, April 27, 2010)  

I just joined blogupp and it's a great tool. I've found a few other blogs I like. I hope I'll get a few other followers as well out of it.


Anonymous Belajar Menjadi blogger said... (Wednesday, April 28, 2010)  

very nice toll, i like this

Anonymous Don Leman said... (Sunday, May 09, 2010)  

very nice I like this

Anonymous Phillip Gibb said... (Friday, August 06, 2010)  

cool, think I'll sign up.
saw a referral to my blog from here


Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, September 22, 2010)  

i search all over blog directory but can't find any of my posts?? anyway, going to read more about this toolbar and see if i can incorporate it to my blog.. ciao.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, September 23, 2010)  

Directory index is not updated in real-time, for the time being, which is why the search might not help immediately.
You could however check your blog in the directory at http://www.blogupp.com/directory/blog/BLOG-URL, which is your permanent blog page in the directory, and where BLOG-URL is your blog address without http:// prefix (eventually without www, if you submitted it so).

Anonymous rina said... (Wednesday, November 03, 2010)  

very nice I like this

Anonymous rahul said... (Sunday, November 07, 2010)  

excellent work,all post are phenomenal

Anonymous SEO Service Provider Philippines Raphnexx said... (Tuesday, January 11, 2011)  

these are great applications your have.

Blogger ole said... (Thursday, February 03, 2011)  

Просто Обалдеть!!!! Вы просто супер!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Таня said... (Tuesday, April 12, 2011)  

Огорчает только то что я раньше не знала про этот сервис.

Blogger ryan said... (Friday, June 03, 2011)  


Blogger Unknown said... (Tuesday, June 21, 2011)  


Blogger Aivo Viikberg said... (Tuesday, August 02, 2011)  

Thank You!

Blogger vchhillar said... (Monday, November 21, 2011)  

Great !! Started using BlogUpp

Anonymous Андрей said... (Sunday, December 04, 2011)  

Thank You! Поставил себе уже на два блога. Помогает посещению!

Blogger Unknown said... (Thursday, December 29, 2011)  

thiis so great i am

Anonymous Selina said... (Saturday, February 25, 2012)  

I hope to have more chance to show your platform nice, thank you for your service!

Blogger Jonro said... (Thursday, March 01, 2012)  

thankyou for your service :)

Anonymous Дмитрий said... (Monday, October 01, 2012)  

it's very good!

Blogger Unknown said... (Friday, January 04, 2013)  

Попробовала, жду результатов

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