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Jan 11, 2010

Blog Discovery Toolbar

Discovering the new is exciting. Our blog promotion service provides now a blog discovery toolbar for you to enjoy this experience. It is a great way to explore blogs seamlessly and come across excellent new blogs.

The Discovery
The toolbar is generated automatically, and requires neither installation, nor sign-up. It shows up upon clicking in the widget (click it in the sidebar to try out the toolbar), and while accessing any external link from blog directory. Blog discovery toolbar comes enriched with a number of features, which offer the possibility to rate blogs, share them, comment and keep exploring blogs further. Note that in order to build impartial ratings, attempts to abuse with voting will be treated accordingly.

Blog Toolbar Preview
Above being mentioned, BlogUpp! represents now a blog promotion service that offers free blog marketing via 4 channels at once: blog widget, blog directory, social web cross-posting, and blog discovery toolbar.

// Image by concretecandy

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