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Dec 4, 2009

Blog Directory Optimization and Features

BlogUpp! blog directory has been updated for better blog promotion output and optimized performance-wise. It loads faster, provides more blog exposure opportunities, and it has become searchable.

Most bloggers look to connect like-minded fellows, and now the directory helps achieve this easier via blog tags presented in a handy manner in blog directory's sidebar, and in a separate tag cloud page. Top blogs and recently updated blogs are mutually displaying each other in order to increase the blog promotion chances for top performing and frequently updated blogs.
Blogging Tag Cloud
The search box comes handy in finding your blogs in the directory, and seeing what blog thumbnail and blog post are actually used while we promote your blog within the widget across BlogUpp! community of blogs. Having in mind that blog thumbnails are recreated by us to better represent your blogs, it is advised that you first check your blog in the directory before you intend to re-generate your blog thumbnail in real-time.

The sidebar opens as well a new opportunity for advertisers to make available their advertising message to a community of engaged users and publishers of quality content. Just visit the advertising page to get started.

Your feedback is invited; enjoy your blogging!

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