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Aug 18, 2009

New Payment Method Available

In response to user feedback BlogUpp! has become a certified seller in WebMoney Transfer online payment system. As a result, accessing the Premium features can be done both through WebMoney and PayPal, to get extra blog promotion and advertising.

WebMoney logo Our WebMoney ID is 560043653166 and the purse to which payments are welcomed is E205538700212. Please access BlogUpp! stats page to inquire the available Premium packages. Simply choose the desired one, and transfer to the E-purse the amount corresponding to the package, mentioning the address of your blog in the note of the transaction. Your payment will be processed and within 1 business day the extra impressions will be visible in your stats under "Additional impressions". Note that accessing BlogUpp! stats requires that your blog is approved.

We are open to consider other eCommerce means that are commonly used by you. Please feel free to contact us by email, comment, or Twitter to help us help you.

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Blogger Comments [4]

Anonymous yoxx said... (Friday, August 21, 2009)  

thanks for your info...

Blogger Masenno said... (Monday, August 24, 2009)  

nice info..thanks

Blogger ferry's blog said... (Monday, October 05, 2009)  

thank's for the information..

Blogger liv said... (Thursday, October 08, 2009)  

Thanks for this article.The web-money seems promising and advance service for the online money transaction.


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