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Jul 4, 2009

Blogging - Shaping the Social Visions

The growing importance of blogging and its impact remains undisputed, even after more than half a decade first Blogging 101 have seen the light. Supported by micro-blogging, social media has changed journalism. Citizen journalists (i.e. bloggers, social media users) post photos of fast-breaking events, and cover stories from a different angle than traditional media does, in a collaborative manner of producing content. Being driven by community, rather than profit or someone's interest, and in an iterative process to 1) create, 2) publish, 3) get reactions, and 4) improve - such stories become especially valuable.

News organizations are still important, but the pieces are in the end shaped by community, its dynamics and the velocity of information. With the objective of summarizing the above, and the ways to support the distribution of social content, we'd like to share a short presentation, as follows.

// Icons via DryIcons

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Anonymous Sandy said... (Tuesday, July 14, 2009)  

Very cool presentation. Easy to follow, and I agree with the message. I have not joined FB, I sometimes use Twitter; but have a hard time trying to make a message short enough...I like the interaction blogging brings.

Lately, I have some trouble with trying to find the widget though on apparent member sites which is annoying. I like to visit 5-10 at a time, going from one on my blog to the next and so forth. I keep getting short bouts of that because I'll hit a site that I got to via the blogupp widget, read and comment, and prepare to move when I realize they do not have a widget. That seems inappropiate to me. They're getting traffic but are stopping it dead for others.


Anonymous Sandy said... (Tuesday, July 14, 2009)  

Went back to obtain last url, this particular blog is sharing the widget on my blog with you


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, July 14, 2009)  

Thanks Sandy for your kind input, and for sharing same understanding.

Concerning the other issue described - especially for passionate bloggers like you - we are preparing an in-house toolbar (non-installable) that will accompany you as you explore community blogs, and guide your experience.

Particularly the blog mentioned above is one of our partners, and this explains why you haven't seen the widget. Note that premium bloggers (i.e. who've acquired extra-promotion) may as well benefit from BlogUpp! service, and not be required to use the widget.
Lastly, this FAQ answer might clarify as well the behavior described.

Best wishes, and happy blogging!

Blogger Minah Kiwi said... (Thursday, July 16, 2009)  

I like the slide show made by this website to display the blogs or webites.

I have joined this blogupp..and hopefully will increase my traffic

Anonymous Mariana Barrancos said... (Tuesday, July 21, 2009)  

Blogupp is an awesome tool, thank you so much for developing this idea!

Anonymous Diego said... (Wednesday, July 22, 2009)  

Very cool presentation!!

Anonymous Alexs said... (Monday, September 07, 2009)  

Nice presentation, each day hundreds of blogs are entering the blogosphere. Blogging has become more than what it was used to be; from a simple diary or journal to what has become one of the most important tool used in various marketing strategies.

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