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Jul 4, 2009

Blogging - Shaping the Social Visions

The growing importance of blogging and its impact remains undisputed, even after more than half a decade first Blogging 101 have seen the light. Supported by micro-blogging, social media has changed journalism. Citizen journalists (i.e. bloggers, social media users) post photos of fast-breaking events, and cover stories from a different angle than traditional media does, in a collaborative manner of producing content. Being driven by community, rather than profit or someone's interest, and in an iterative process to 1) create, 2) publish, 3) get reactions, and 4) improve - such stories become especially valuable.

News organizations are still important, but the pieces are in the end shaped by community, its dynamics and the velocity of information. With the objective of summarizing the above, and the ways to support the distribution of social content, we'd like to share a short presentation, as follows.

// Icons via DryIcons

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