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May 22, 2009

Winners Rewarded, Wishes Collected

BlogUpp Contest WinnersHappy to know many enjoy BlogUpp just the way it is, keep discovering community blogs and promote each other continuously.

As you know, we announced a contest back in April to encourage everyone of you have a say on what's necessary in BlogUpp and identify needed new features. Today we are ending the contest and are pleased to announce the 3 winners who contributed valuable suggestions.

These are: Radu, AG and Mike (as named in the comments of contest post). And because N.D.'s suggestion is already in our implementation schedule, as something that we believe is important - we'll have in the end 4 (instead of 3) contest winners who will be given bonus impressions. Winners, check them soon in your stats!

We've taken note of all the features requested and will be working on them, in the best interests of the entire community. Thanks everyone and congrats to the winners!

// Image by ponchosqueal

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