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Apr 2, 2009

New Features You Need. Contest Announced

BlogUpp new featuresYou are invited to suggest new features you think BlogUpp should have. We want to hear and meet your needs, to make a success of your blog.

Please comment them down and within 1 month or so - we'll list an update with requested new features that got the most of supporters. Note that your suggestions should follow our core principles - automated blog promotion, non-obtrusiveness and lack of registration required. The initiators of top 3 ideas will be rewarded with bonus impressions, respectively - extra-promotion through BlogUpp service.

Thereafter we'll do our best implementing them. So, let us know what's your need, bring supporters for your idea and make everybody win!

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Blogger Comments [50]

Blogger Unknown said... (Thursday, April 02, 2009)  

social it!
maybe i can choose what will display on it,connect the one i really want to see,the topics i want to read,the things i want to know.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, April 03, 2009)  

Thank @dreamer for being the first to comment.
We agree, everything goes social these days. The purpose of BlogUpp! widget is to support you with it too.
You'll find in our FAQ list that the widget matches blogs based on interests, automatically. The suggestions you are mentioning don't help keeping it automated.
However, we are planning to list automatically created categories in our blog directory, and there everyone will be able to filter the topics, and connect other bloggers from there too.

Anonymous Radu said... (Friday, April 03, 2009)  

Would be good to see from what blog I had more clicks so in future I can contact owner blog and may be set up an partnership with link/banners exchange.This is a good way to promote your blog and is based on interest base.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, April 04, 2009)  

Good point, keep it up!

Anonymous Şamil SEFERGİL said... (Saturday, April 04, 2009)  

Give change to select category, location and language for blog promoted in my blogupp widget. Thank you.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, April 04, 2009)  

@Şamil, thank you as well.
Manually specifying categories and languages is a common procedure for older directories and services.
At BlogUpp! we do determine the language while reviewing each blog in particular; whereas the location and categories are matched automatically.
Blogs may cover different topics, and be different interests-related over the time, and for that reason we think categories matching should be dynamic, and automated. And that of course simplifies the whole process for boggers, making this unprecedentedly simple, so that you can focus on blogging as such.
We'd like BlogUpp! to be referred as "set it, and forget it", i.e. you install it once, and it does the blog promotion thing without additional efforts of you.

Anonymous Attila O. said... (Sunday, April 05, 2009)  

I'd like to see a 125x125 version, it fits better to my widgets.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, April 06, 2009)  

We agree that 125x125 is a good size option for traditional banners.
While analyzing the optimal size for a blog thumbshot however, we've understood 125x125 it's not enough to transmit the details of blog aspect.
Furthermore, it was done on purpose, so that BlogUpp! widget not to become entangled with traditional banners, which users tend to engage less with.

Anonymous ŞAmil SEFERGİL said... (Monday, April 06, 2009)  

Make automated blog promotion on twitter. Users who give twitter acount information can promote other users on their twitter pages. :)

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, April 06, 2009)  

Good joke :)
BTW, we do periodically provide extra-exposure on Twitter for great blogs, and that's not an area where we'd do it automatically.

Anonymous Imam said... (Monday, April 13, 2009)  

thank you for your service..

Anonymous Cova said... (Thursday, April 16, 2009)  

I have a Wordpress spanish blog and i would like to join this community, but my question is: are there more spanish blogs here? Is BlogUpp going to help me to socialize it? I mean, it does not really make sense to join this, if no one here can talk or read spanish.

Blogger linfavourite said... (Friday, April 17, 2009)  

what about add a tag to own blog? so that the blog that will display on blogupp will have so connection with our blogs.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, April 17, 2009)  

@Cova, your points are very true.
We pride ourselves to offer a multilanguage blog promotion service. Please note that Spanish community of BlogUpp! blogs is one of the biggest, and we are sure you'll discover and connect many great Spanish blogs. To get to know just few of them, consider visiting our Spanish blog directory section.
Should you need more information, please check BlogUpp! FAQ list.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, April 17, 2009)  

@linfavourite your question might be answered in the reply to @Şamil's comment above.

Blogger crease said... (Saturday, April 18, 2009)  

make a rotator widget perhaps, to allow more impressions for everyone


Anonymous Radu said... (Saturday, April 18, 2009)  

Any ideas regarding winners? :)

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, April 22, 2009)  

Christopher, BlogUpp! is a rotator widget.
The fact that the widget doesn't change the blogs as you refresh the page, is determined by anti-fraud techniques, aimed at avoiding impression-waste.
The widget does however change promoted blogs when the blog is visited by different readers, and as the blog is surfed through.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, April 22, 2009)  

@Radu, glad you checked back.
We'll be prolonging the period for collecting your wishes. Nevertheless it looks you are a strong candidate to be one.

Anonymous Adel S said... (Monday, April 27, 2009)  

I think most of bloggers will like this service. Idea is very simple:
I place informer in right/left side of my blog, or in bottom of my article, and this informer rotates/or shows 5 constant links to other blogs where my visitor can read article to the same or similar theme.

This is not very hard to do if you save all rss from all service users in database and your php/asp.net (or what you use for blogupp.com) script looks to referer, finds keywords from article (in database) and generates 5 links to other blogs/articles with similar thematic.

Adel Shigabutdinov.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, April 27, 2009)  

Thanks Adel for sharing your idea; you are close.
In fact BlogUpp! is just apparently simple, to make it user-friendly. There have been implemented much more advanced techniques, and scalability concepts, in order to serve thousands of participating blogs, and be as efficient as possible.

Anonymous Sandy said... (Friday, May 01, 2009)  

I just joined yesterday and so am not real familiar with how it works, to know any good ideas. But, as a newbie...can I say I like it the way it is; simple and quick. Some of the social networks out there are so cumbersome and time consuming that you need to be a techy person to get much from them.

I do wonder how possible any reporting might be. I have no idea how many times my ad has been displayed today or where and that might be nice to know. Funny thing, I've hit one blog 3 times so far today as I've been doing other things (once from my blog and twice from others blogs with the widget). Sent that blogger a message that she was getting really good coverage. Cute little cat...in case some of you have seen that one today too.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, May 01, 2009)  

Dear Sandy,
Thanks for taking the time to comment, and we're glad you are enjoying using the service.
Please note you can access BlogUpp! stats and monitor your blog promotion details.
For support check out Frequently Asked Questions, or feel free to contact us.

Anonymous Sandy said... (Friday, May 01, 2009)  

Perhaps when there's something to announce to us, or something you need to get our attention like this contest, it could be put on just one side of the widget? That way, some blogs could still appear on the other side?


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, May 02, 2009)  

You are right Sandy. That's the necessary thing to do to keep our community updated. The current blog has been shared in the widget since the launch of the service, and you may see it occasionally in your blog's widget too.

Anonymous Sean K. said... (Saturday, May 02, 2009)  

Thanks for the promotion details.Lokking forward to it.

Anonymous Angelish Devi said... (Monday, May 04, 2009)  

If u could list the sites attached with upp with their number of impression and clicks, I think that will be an interesting page to look upon!

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, May 04, 2009)  

That's an interesting suggestion. We might include these details in BlogUpp! blog directory.
Until then, Top 100 blogs list might be helpful in that sense.

Anonymous AG said... (Tuesday, May 05, 2009)  

Am I the only one who commented using my Facebook account? BlogUpp team do I need to comment again?

Anonymous AG said... (Tuesday, May 05, 2009)  

A novel idea!!! I really liked the core principles and the view of BlogUpp! I was thinking along the lines of "promotion", came up with a few suggestions:

1) Time a snapshot is shown on a blog: a big factor in promotion though there ought to be a maximum and a minimum limit. Owner of the destination blog may be given an option to select how much time he/she likes a snapshot to be visible on their blog. I guess currently it's 4-5 seconds.

2) The Sanpshot itself: second majot factor in promoting something is the view. Every blog will have a post that will attract much more number of hits than other posts published on that blog. Why not also include which snapshot of the blog (being promoted) fetched highest hits and next time this blog is displayed on a page it will be equal probabilities current shanpshot to be shown or the one that had most hits.

3) The way Snapshot appears: rolling (as it does now), flashing from center, appearing slowly, etc. May be the owner of destination blog gets to set this up.

4) Frequency of repeatition: I noticed a snapshot keeps repeating itself again-and-again. SOmebody gets to control this, as in when should a new snapshot be displayed?

Some of the comments here like Radu and Angelish were really creative :) Hope to see something even more cool from BlogUpp! really soon.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, May 05, 2009)  

Thanks Aniruddha (AG) for your great feedback!
Facebook commenting has been added on the blog recently, and you're indeed the first to use it.

1) All the bloggers are offered fair and equal conditions for their blog promotion. Blog exposure time is unique, and by making it customizable we'd break the fairness. One of FAQ answers explains this as well;

2) Indeed, the posting quality represents an important factor in attracting readers, along with blog snapshot. Bloggers are in full control here, as they can update blog snapshot anytime. Blogging is a dynamic process (i.e. fresh posting, new design, new templates, etc), and it wouldn't be correct forcing an older (not actual) blog thumbshot be kept permanent only because at a point in time it performed better;

3) The smooth sliding has been implemented just recently. Its purpose is to promote blogs more efficiently, by bringing to reader's attention both the latest post, and blog's thumbshot. At the same time we need to keep it elegant and non-obtrusive. We are analyzing reader engagement as a result of this change, and we'll keep the effect that ensures the best results for your blog promotion. Nevertheless, we are not sure it should be made customizable, having in mind the equal conditions for all the bloggers and their blogs;

4) The last question is related with the first one. Blogs are allocated a certain period of time to be promoted on other blogs. During this period the blog post and snapshot are sliding repeatedly, to attract reader's attention. They change however as the originating blog is surfed through.

Hope these answers are helpful, and you agree with the principles mentioned.

Anonymous AG said... (Tuesday, May 05, 2009)  

I absolutely agree, will definitely drop anymore suggestions if something comes to me :)

Blogger AG said... (Tuesday, May 05, 2009)  

If I get 100 hits, I would be very interested in finding out which of my posts (content/keywords) brought-in those hits. Will this be a good idea?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, May 06, 2009)  

Agree, that indeed might help bloggers determine when their blogs performed better, and improve their blogging style. Keep it up!

Blogger AG said... (Wednesday, May 06, 2009)  

(Apologies for yet another comment but) I would also be very interested in seeing how my blog's snapshot looks whenever it appears on a BlogUpp! widget on a blog. This may help a blogger to change the format page layout so as to make it more attractive.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, May 06, 2009)  

AG, all your comments are welcomed.

We understand your concern. As replied to your earlier questions above, now you can see and update blog snapshot simply by entering your blog's address at blogupp.com.

Besides, note that there will be added a search box in BlogUpp! blog directory, and thus you'll be able to see easily how your blog is looking through "BlogUpp! eyes".

Anonymous Sandy said... (Thursday, May 07, 2009)  

I've read several times about labels, tags etc so folks only see blogs like there own...I really hope it doesn't go that way. All others are, keep this one different, keep it unique. People are interested in more subjects than the one they happen to blog about that given day. Through ones profile you can find people in your category, in twitter searches, in blog catalog searches, in entrecard searches etc. etc. I like the variety of this widget. I also like the simplistic nature and hope you don't make bells and whistle. Bells and whistle take time, which detracts in my opinion from what is good about this widget. There are plenty of time consuming social networks that take an mountain of time to get any benefit from. I like this one, just the way it is.


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, May 07, 2009)  

Sandy, that's really nice to hear! Thank you.

Anonymous Alain Melo said... (Monday, May 11, 2009)  

Olá!! Comecei esta semana e ainda estou me familiarizando com o blogUpp! mas o trafego no site aumentou consideravelmente!!!
Como idéia ru gostaria de dugerir que fossem feitas categorias para melhor visar um determinado grupo de interesse dentro do blogUpp!

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, May 11, 2009)  

@Alain, thanks for dropping by. We are glad BlogUpp! does a good thing for your blog.
Concerning categories, you may find an answer in reply to @Şamil's comment above.

Anonymous AG said... (Wednesday, May 13, 2009)  

Still no decision on the winners? ;)

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, May 13, 2009)  

New suggestions and entries are still welcome.
We'll close the contest in about a week.

Anonymous N.D. said... (Sunday, May 17, 2009)  

You are doing a great service guys. Thanks!
I think many bloggers would find BlogUpp! attractive as a blog monetisation service as well. That would allow exchanging accumulated credits for cash, which in fact would add a big advantage to blogupp. You should definitely consider it and add this possibility.

Anonymous Mike A. said... (Sunday, May 17, 2009)  

Absolutely agree with N.D. about blog monetisation as an additional role for Blogupp. I also feel the quality of content would improve considerably with a blog rating feature ("like" or "don't like"), which would allow adding bonuses, or points /etc to great blogs, and de-favor poor ones.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, May 18, 2009)  

@N.D. glad you appreciate it.
The blog monetisation role for BlogUpp! is in our implementation schedule already. We share the same understanding you do, and thank you for your input. Looking forward to making it happen.

@Mike A. we definitely agree with you, and are planning to implement it with the next modifications. Stay tuned!

Although your suggestions have been decided already to be implemented in the future, that doesn't invalidate your participation in current contest. We'll announce the results shortly.

Blogger AG said... (Monday, May 18, 2009)  

Fingers crossed :)

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, May 22, 2009)  

The contest has been closed. Please see the results here. Thanks everyone and congrats to the winners!

Anonymous khuyen mai said... (Wednesday, September 28, 2011)  

Thanks for sharing information

Blogger deep yudha said... (Saturday, November 19, 2011)  

I'm sorry that I'm new comer here, but I have not fully understood about the function of this site for bloggers. But I will strive to understand and take a huge amount of benefits....thanks...

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, November 20, 2011)  

@lilis, please see FAQ page for possible answers to your questions. Should you need further assistance, you are welcome to send us a support request via "Support" link in the menu above.

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