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Feb 26, 2009

Your Voice Is Important, Please Make It Count

BlogUpp! pitch is now listed on TechCrunch's Elevator Pitches. You're kindly invited to drop by and vote / comment on the pitch.

BlogUpp! Pitch on TechCrunch

That can potentially bring BlogUpp! on TechCrunch, and greatly expand our community of bloggers. Ultimately, everyone will benefit as it'll make your blogs promoted on a much larger scale, and allow you discover new great blogs of other fellow bloggers.

Your input is very much needed, and we assure that it'll not take much of your time. Please visit BlogUpp! pitch page, and make your vote.

Together we can do more.
Thank You!

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Blogger Comments [2]

Blogger The Deal Fanatic said... (Saturday, April 25, 2009)  

I would like to just drive US traffic to my blog. Is this possible? Because thus far I've received a ton of other countries and my blog only pertains to the United States

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, April 26, 2009)  

By default blog targeting is language and interest based. Country targeting is currently a premium option available for those buying extra-promotion and advertisers.

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