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Jan 5, 2009

Terms and Policies. Not the Least Important to Consider

BlogUpp! Terms We've published the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy related to BlogUpp! service. These are not the kind of terms you wouldn't want to read. They contain important considerations, and possibly the answers to some of your questions.

In there you'll find out:
• why blogs get approved, while others don't;
• what might delay the approval, and
• what could even lead to disapproval;
• informs on what private data we do collect;
• additional notes for Asian bloggers.

We've also made available a special section for advertisers willing to advertise within BlogUpp community. Advertising will appear in the widget at a 1:10 ratio, i.e. for each 10 impressions, only 1 will represent paid advertising - as per earlier announced mutual promotion exchange ratio of 10:9. Advertisers will pass the same filtering criteria as the blogs that get free promotion, so that we don't end advertising questionable content resources. As you understand, advertising is meant to support the day-to-day operations, such as servers, web traffic, etc., so that you finally can make full use of the service, completely cost free.

Till next time. Enjoy your blogging!

// Image by Mark Brannan

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Blogger Comments [8]

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Friday, January 09, 2009)  

Thank's for sharing. I just wanna to say that blogupp is important to me since I placed the widget into my blog.

Blogger ces said... (Saturday, August 22, 2009)  

I just launched blogupp on my blog. i am monitoring it so far, seems promising.. http://ces-abba.blogspot.com/

Anonymous wishvam said... (Wednesday, June 16, 2010)  

i got diapproved.. but i meet the terms and wish to resubmit. but can't anybody help. pls

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, June 16, 2010)  

@wishvam there are a number of posts on your blog which share warez (i.e. which is illegal). If you could solve that, let us know to re-consider.

Blogger Спортивные подсказки said... (Sunday, March 06, 2011)  

I got diapproved .. but I meet the terms and want to upgrade. but no one can help. Pls

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, March 07, 2011)  

@tips2sports (aka Спортивные подсказки), thanks for your interest in BlogUpp service and for getting in touch.

We appreciate the efforts you put into your blog. Unfortunately, we've concluded that its current content is not a good fit for our network of blogs, and the widget can't be activated. Feel free however to submit other blogs you might have, with really great content.

Thanks for understanding.

Blogger Unknown said... (Friday, October 19, 2012)  

My blog www.ayodidennis.blogspot.com was rejected without any explanation. what could be the reasons behind the rejection

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, October 19, 2012)  

@Ayodi Dennis, appreciate the efforts you put into your blog.

Unfortunately its content is not a good fit for our network of blogs. Thank you for understanding.

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