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Jan 14, 2009

Prices Reviewed. Surprise Yourself

BlogUpp Pricing In continuation to our earlier impressions acquisition notice, we'd like to announce the change of prices for extra impressions.

You are challenged to check the figures yourself. Just enter into your BlogUpp stats and see the difference. Should you need help accessing your stats, please refer the OpenID tutorial posted on our blog.

Inquiries related to business advertising with BlogUpp are most welcome by email, via "Contact us" link from the main page.

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Blogger Comments [2]

Blogger Sandy said... (Monday, May 04, 2009)  

Totally missed the part about our stats until re-reading your answer to me on twitter. Thanks. But, now more questions. lol Not sure I know how to read my stats. I see impressions, visits sent and imbound impressions, as well as visits.

I spent quite a bit of time the last 2 days clicking and visiting folks with the widget, from page to another, reading, leaving comments inviting folks to visit me etc. So, is visit sent when I visit someone else? If so, it seems much less than the number of blogs I visited and left comments on. There were a few blogs I visited from the widget that I didn't leave comments on (too technical for me to even make a response...not my strength), is being there still counted? Or is the imbound number the one counting my blog walking?

Disappointed thus far I've not gotten a visitor from my blog walking; but will keep trying. I love having new folks come by.

Just added to 2 of my other blogs, so am looking forward to understanding the stats better with your help.

AND, one more question please. Is it ok to use the widget on a Today.com blog? Thought I should check prior to doing that, as I know many widgets aren't on the ok list for them.


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, May 04, 2009)  

We are really glad about your passion for blog walking.
We'll also gladly assist you with your questions, as follows.

Visits sent from your blog are listed under "Outbound promotion"; in other words, these are all the clicks from your blog through the widget, which you and your blog's readers have made. Clicks in the widget on other blogs, consequently are recorded as stats for those hosting blogs. That explains the difference in figures you expected and actually seen in your stats.
Respectively, "visits received" are listed under "Inbound promotion", standing for visits to your blog through BlogUpp! widget.
Each impression under "Outbound promotion" directly influences the numbers in "Inbound promotion", respectively your actual blog promotion, based on the principle "you promote others, and others promote you".

Concerning Today.com blogs - sure, no problem; there are many blogs on this blogging platform that use BlogUpp! service.

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