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Jan 26, 2009

So, What's The Fuss About?

Take a look at the comics below, on how the stock market works (click to enlarge it).
Stock Market Comics

Is it far from a real scene? Think about it.
Especially if it happens you work in the field, and are fond of blogging about it.

Generally speaking, word of mouth is a powerful instrument, and being a blogger is responsible. Objectivity should be a priority while blogging, and gathering facts before writing on a topic, will help you be referred as a trustworthy and reliable source by your audience.

May your blogging be successful and enjoyable!

// Image origin: 1989, International Herald Tribune

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Jan 14, 2009

Prices Reviewed. Surprise Yourself

BlogUpp Pricing In continuation to our earlier impressions acquisition notice, we'd like to announce the change of prices for extra impressions.

You are challenged to check the figures yourself. Just enter into your BlogUpp stats and see the difference. Should you need help accessing your stats, please refer the OpenID tutorial posted on our blog.

Inquiries related to business advertising with BlogUpp are most welcome by email, via "Contact us" link from the main page.

// Image by Brooks Elliott

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Jan 12, 2009

New Blog Design? Shout It Out

Blogging is a dynamic process. There are constantly new blog posts throughout the blogosphere and design updates. BlogUpp is automatically following all those, so that to deliver them fresh to our blogger community.

Now you can update your promoted blog image, should you changed your blog design or added a catchy image to your latest blog post. Just re-submit your blog at blogupp.com and you are done. Shortly after that a new thumbnail will be generated. Note that widget-code doesn't have to be re-installed with each new update.

As part of our blog curation process, blog snapshots are also re-created by us to better represent your blogs. Should you notice that your blog thumbnail is not refreshed long after your update request, it might be that you are still viewing an old one, stored in your computer and you should refresh your cache.

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Jan 5, 2009

Terms and Policies. Not the Least Important to Consider

BlogUpp! Terms We've published the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy related to BlogUpp! service. These are not the kind of terms you wouldn't want to read. They contain important considerations, and possibly the answers to some of your questions.

In there you'll find out:
• why blogs get approved, while others don't;
• what might delay the approval, and
• what could even lead to disapproval;
• informs on what private data we do collect;
• additional notes for Asian bloggers.

We've also made available a special section for advertisers willing to advertise within BlogUpp community. Advertising will appear in the widget at a 1:10 ratio, i.e. for each 10 impressions, only 1 will represent paid advertising - as per earlier announced mutual promotion exchange ratio of 10:9. Advertisers will pass the same filtering criteria as the blogs that get free promotion, so that we don't end advertising questionable content resources. As you understand, advertising is meant to support the day-to-day operations, such as servers, web traffic, etc., so that you finally can make full use of the service, completely cost free.

Till next time. Enjoy your blogging!

// Image by Mark Brannan

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