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Nov 29, 2008

Your Loyalty is Rewarded. Thank You!

In anticipation of winter holidays, we at BlogUpp! are happy to be among the first to offer season gifts to our community of bloggers.

BlogUpp! Gifts Hereby we are announcing that blogs which have been using our service for more than 6 months will be rewarded, as follows:
• 7 months service usage to be rewarded with 1999 additional impressions;
• 8 months - rewarded with 5999 impressions;
• 9 months - rewarded with 9999 impressions.

The additional impressions will be assigned to your blogs on December 4th, and you'll be able to see them in your own BlogUpp! stats, under 'Additional impressions'. This is a one-time rewarding, and we are looking forward to repeating this action in the future. It's somehow related as well to the fact that BlogUpp! is 9 months old, and that's explaining the 9's in the figures above.

Thank You for your loyalty and for helping us build a strong community! [...]

Additionally to the above, you've probably noticed already that the BlogUpp! widget shows occasionally Amazon products related to blogging and holiday presents. This incentive aims to help you prepare for season's holidays, and easily find the right gift for your friends and family.

We invite you to get ready for the season, and fill the air with mystery and nice emotions. You, The Blogger - are influencing all those following your blog, and You are defining the season in the blogosphere. Let's make it a special one!

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Blogger Comments [3]

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, December 04, 2008)  

Done! We are confirming that today the additional impressions have been assigned to your blogs.
The overall number of given away impressions during this action counts millions and millions, and we hope you enjoy making the best use of them (e.g. by publishing posts worth reading, and building blogs worth to follow).

Congratulations on your rewarding and best regards to all of you!

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Sunday, December 28, 2008)  

I really enjoy join with blogupp;
that make easy to visit another blog just click from my blog.

Blogger Esmeralda said... (Thursday, January 22, 2009)  

This is a great service! I take several months and became acquainted with many bloggers

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