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Oct 20, 2008

Even easier to get promoted. BlogUpp gadget introduced

Copying and pasting a widget into a blog might need some deeper knowledge of the blogging platform and its control panel. We've thought of it to make it even less time consuming for bloggers, and now Blogspot.com users with layout blogs can get the BlogUpp widget in just a few clicks, and it's added automatically to the blog.

Easy At blogupp.com while submitting your blog, the system automatically recognizes blogspot.com blogs and Add BlogUpp to Bloggerdisplays an "Add to Blogger" button allowing to add the widget in the specified blog straight away. The only thing that is to follow is the individual approval process, during which we kindly ask you to be patient, as we are receiving lots of submissions daily and we take it seriously while reviewing each of them. Please check the reviewing terms for more information.

One of the other news is that now there is available BlogUpp Google gadget. The gadget adds some more customization options, such as the look of the border and the title. Your can get it directly from Google gadget directory, just by following a couple of instructions. Same as when submitting your blogs at blogupp.com, in the settings of the gadget there can be specified any of your blogs or RSS-enabled sites. Note that the gadget-code should be embedded in the same blog/site which was specified in the settings of the widget, otherwise it might not pass the approval step.

Besides, it has become possible to add the BlogUpp widget to your personalized iGoogle page, and this can be done using the following iGoogle gadget link. It only requires specifying the address of the blog you need to promote in the settings of the widget.

// Image by Jason Gulledge

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Blogger Comments [11]

Blogger Der Dicke said... (Saturday, October 25, 2008)  

It would be a great idea to join blogs witten in the same language. An english reader will better follo blogs wiche are written in english to and not in spain ;)

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, October 31, 2008)  

Yes, that's the normal way how it should be. And BlogUpp! works exactly this way, i.e. a widget placed on an English blog will show only English blogs, whereas a widget placed on a Spanish blog, will promote mainly Spanish blogs.
It just needs for the joined blog to successfully pass the moderation phase, and that's it. Until then, a non-approved widget will show default blogs, which are English mainly.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Saturday, November 29, 2008)  

I have a question. I added my blog to this site about 1-2 weeks back. And I got accepted but how do I monitor the stats of my blog? Whenever I Go to the Stats tab on top and type my URL and it says I don't have an OpenID. Is there any other way to check the stats?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, November 29, 2008)  

@Atif: Thanks for asking.

Suggestions on how to settle your OpenID are presented in a previous blog post - Get OpenID-fied and discover a new Web.
Accessing BlogUpp! stats is possible through a valid OpenID, which you might have already without you knowing it; please check the above-mentioned post to find out more. Alternatively, you could check the BlogUpp! stats through any stats analytic service, by checking the referrer section for adv.blogupp.com.

Nevertheless, we invite you to obtain your OpenID, which could be used to authenticate to many other web-services, without the need to remember different logins.

Blogger Darkskeleton said... (Tuesday, July 21, 2009)  

Great idea, I just added it to my blog and I've got high hopes to see how it works out in the end.

Blogger Edz Villeza said... (Sunday, December 20, 2009)  

This option is great for those people who have a little knowledge on HTML or Java scripts. Thumbs Up for BlogUpp!

Anonymous murkcore@blogger blog said... (Tuesday, January 05, 2010)  

thanks for this very nice app. just added it to my blogs..

Blogger hazel darwisya said... (Friday, February 05, 2010)  

i added the app to my blog few days ago..but it doesn't turn blue, its still grey....does it works?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, February 05, 2010)  

@si hitam maness, we are waiting for you to add more quality content to your blog before we can activate the widget.
Please note that your other blog has been approved.

Anonymous Patrick Barnaby said... (Monday, March 08, 2010)  

Any Tool that works is worth trying. I'm always looking for ways to promote my blog and improve it. So any one reading my comment then please leave a comment on my blog and leave a link for your self. Than you

Anonymous The Fly On The Wall said... (Saturday, July 31, 2010)  

Yeah! I added the widget and got an OpenID so I am ready to go. Thanks for the simplicity of the Blogupp widget.


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