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Jul 31, 2008

Widget Customization Introduced

BlogUpp widget now may be customized and used in various sizes and layouts.

After specifying blog's URL at blogupp.com - there become visible 3 customization options, which once clicked update the widget-code. These include:
Vertical layout (default), fits the sidebars of most blog templates;
Horizontal layout, for wider sidebars;
1-blog widget, showing only 1 blog at a time.

Please note that a 2-blog widget works better for your blog promotion, by generating more impressions for yourself. In addition to that - a 2-blog widget ensures that at least 1 shown impression is of a blog, whereas the 2nd could be a sponsored ad.

Not less important to know is the following:
• Having more than one widget won't affect the number of impressions the blog accumulates or shares actually;
Altering manually the size of the widget is not recommended, as it'll be treated as gaming the system, which might lead to the blog being rejected;
• Placing the widget too low will result in either the blog not being approved, or the overall results being less favorable.
• Additional recommendations could be found in the post titled "Reviewing terms. Respect your readers, and the bloggers".

Note that while you submit your blog for the first time, BlogUpp automatically snapshots it. Should the obtained blog's thumbnail not look ok - there should be no worry; while your blog gets reviewed, the thumbnail is reviewed as well, and it is re-created if necessary, so that to best represent your blog. Should you need to change your BlogUpp thumbnail, you can easily request an update.

The layout and size of the widget can be changed at any time. Simply re-enter the blog address at blogupp.com, choose the desired customization option, and get renewed code to replace the previous one in the blog.

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Blogger Comments [171]

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, July 31, 2008)  

good work for bloggers!

Blogger Kim said... (Tuesday, August 12, 2008)  

do you plan an affiliate system?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, August 12, 2008)  

@Kim: So far BlogUpp! neither offers any affiliate scheme, nor planning one in the near future.
We aim to keep things simple and equitable.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Tuesday, August 26, 2008)  

Awesome...brilliant idea!

Blogger Elena Rubric said... (Thursday, October 23, 2008)  

Let's have a go!

Blogger DF Moon said... (Tuesday, October 28, 2008)  

Thanks, I'm from typewriter generation, so I really need the help!!

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, October 30, 2008)  

Doesn't work for wordpress.com free hosting :(

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, October 31, 2008)  

@Ursus: There are minor issues with free wordpress.com blogs, but it should work.
Please read WordPress blogs submission for additional information.
Should there be a problem, please contact us by email.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Sunday, December 07, 2008)  

This looks very interesting. I've put it up on my blog today. This is a great idea guys,Thanks!!

Blogger Natural Organic SEO said... (Friday, December 19, 2008)  

Good work.Keep it up.

Blogger Zack Zoomer said... (Tuesday, December 30, 2008)  

Fun and easy. Nice one guys! More ideas like this one please :D

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Saturday, January 24, 2009)  

Awesome..Great Idea....! i will try this...

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, February 04, 2009)  

thank you

Blogger Site Admin said... (Wednesday, February 04, 2009)  

This looks good. Im going to share bloggupp on my blog

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Saturday, February 07, 2009)  

I love this tool! I am President and Co-Founder of a year old holdings firm, which offers a full suite of business development services. Four Elements Blog is quickly becoming a leading authority for both web 2.0 and search engine optimization. I receive countless emails a day asking about tools I recommend to promote their blog. From now on, BlogUpp will be #1 on that list!

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, February 07, 2009)  

That's good news. Thanks you!

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Friday, February 27, 2009)  

Gonna give this a try for about 2 weeks. let's see

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Friday, March 13, 2009)  

This is indeed a great idea. And most importantly - Action

Blogger MPC MANIA said... (Monday, March 16, 2009)  

Thanks for the tip,great work. Keep them beats alive!!


Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, March 25, 2009)  

that is good!

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, March 26, 2009)  

good work for bloggers! I really need the help!!http://computer-scienceworld.blogspot.com

Blogger Mikes Sumondong said... (Thursday, April 02, 2009)  

i just want a small widget. how do i do that>?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, April 02, 2009)  

Piece of cake!
As you enter your blog address at blogupp.com and press enter, you get in return you widget code. At the same time there become visible 3 size options just below the URL box. Click on the smallest size available, get your renewed code - and you are done!
For a detailed demo, please click here

Anonymous Skova said... (Wednesday, April 08, 2009)  

i haven't started to use it yet but i really like the idea than the usual Google Adsense.great job and i hope you guys do approve my blog,thanks!

Anonymous lucier said... (Friday, April 10, 2009)  

gracias por encontarme quisiera copiar el codigo pero no puedo hacerlo

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, April 10, 2009)  

@lucier, if the copy button doesn't work for you, please select the entire code, right-click on it and choose the "copy" option. That should work in all cases.

Anonymous Spread Free Ads said... (Sunday, April 12, 2009)  

Two Thumbs Up for You All!

Anonymous Виталий Сыромятников said... (Sunday, April 12, 2009)  

Добавил сайт в систему и разместил код.
Однако в статистику нет доступа, ошибка - сайт не добавлен!
В чем причина?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, April 12, 2009)  

The Russian comment above describes a situation when the widget has been added onto a blog, but there's no access to stats.
In reply it has to be noted that stats are available only for approved blogs. Additionally to that, if your blog doesn't automatically act as an OpenID, please consider this OpenID tutorial.

Blogger Sibichan said... (Monday, April 13, 2009)  

Thanks for the tip

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, April 30, 2009)  

Thank you very much,


Anonymous animerika said... (Monday, May 04, 2009)  

Thank you so much!

Anonymous ruly said... (Thursday, May 07, 2009)  

nice promoted blog and free

Anonymous cosimo borsci said... (Saturday, May 09, 2009)  

ho inserito il codice nel mio blog. grazie!

Blogger : zuhan said... (Monday, May 11, 2009)  

very good promoting widget!
I've added in my website

Anonymous hybrid cars said... (Wednesday, May 13, 2009)  

great widget....thanks

Blogger kej_ajpu said... (Thursday, May 21, 2009)  

Gracias por promocionar el blogs.

Anonymous sherlomes said... (Saturday, May 23, 2009)  

great widget ;)

Anonymous Crazy Revenue said... (Monday, June 01, 2009)  

Thanks for nice tool! Good Luck!

Blogger Q'noy said... (Tuesday, June 02, 2009)  

just added to my blog, thanks

Anonymous nedyasafira said... (Friday, June 05, 2009)  

Usefull tool, ilike it and just add to my blog... Thanks

Anonymous Seti@wan Dirgant@Ra said... (Monday, June 08, 2009)  

Thanks for promotion my site

Anonymous premiumware.blogspot.com said... (Tuesday, June 09, 2009)  

Wow i really love this concept. Good way to promote.

Anonymous santhy said... (Tuesday, June 16, 2009)  

Nice. Thanks!

Anonymous Danh ba web 2.0 said... (Thursday, June 18, 2009)  

Thanks for great widget

Anonymous dhanajournal said... (Saturday, June 27, 2009)  

great widget... I've added in my website
thank you very much...

Blogger Bapaknya Izza said... (Wednesday, July 01, 2009)  

i hope this tool kick my blog well
i've added in my blog
thank you

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Tuesday, July 07, 2009)  

Thanks for the nice widget!!


Blogger Beben Koben said... (Friday, July 10, 2009)  

thank's...it's a cooL widget...good luck for u always

Anonymous Cheapoverseasproperty said... (Saturday, July 11, 2009)  

Going to give it a go. Nothing to lose. will let you know how I get on.

Anonymous Techdiscussed said... (Friday, July 17, 2009)  

great widget....thanks

Blogger Joro Livelihood said... (Friday, July 17, 2009)  

Thanks to this wonderful widget. I really like it.

Blogger Rob said... (Wednesday, July 22, 2009)  

Thanks, this is helpful.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, July 30, 2009)  

Buen trabajo chicos ... enhorabuena.

My blog, http://desintoxicados.blogspot.com/, is your blog. Saludos!

Blogger Admin said... (Saturday, August 01, 2009)  

Thanks, please visit my site www.tallermasonico.blogspot.com

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, August 01, 2009)  

@tallermasonico, we've just visited your blog and found two issues that might lead to disapproval: modified widget size, and widget position. Please consider fixing these in accordance with BlogUpp! terms of service.
Thanks in advance for being receptive to our recommendations.

Blogger Unknown said... (Sunday, August 02, 2009)  

It's a great service for all blogger.

Blogger DollsAndSpooks said... (Monday, August 10, 2009)  

i lolve blogging, its my way of sharing my interests and what i am passionate about. i do want more people to read my blog and i am sure this widget will help. thanks and i hope i will be included in the blog directory soon! :-)


Anonymous best-mp3player said... (Wednesday, August 12, 2009)  

Thank you for sharing this great information and widget

Anonymous onan said... (Saturday, August 15, 2009)  

thank you. this helpful and great information

Anonymous Stop Dreaming Start Action said... (Saturday, August 15, 2009)  

Complete tutorial, thanks a lot.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Tuesday, August 18, 2009)  

I love it so mucchhhh...

Blogger Jose said... (Wednesday, August 19, 2009)  

Hola espero que la suerte me acompañe y todos pases por mi blog,, saludos y bsistos desde España,,,,,,,

Blogger José María Illán Fernández said... (Sunday, August 30, 2009)  

Gracias por fomentar los blogs


Anonymous keshit said... (Sunday, August 30, 2009)  

great ideas for life and fully submitted

Blogger Shariff Ishaqui said... (Tuesday, September 01, 2009)  

its very useful and its a platform for like us to share information across the globe

Anonymous glassica said... (Tuesday, September 08, 2009)  

nice widget...

Anonymous M3Y said... (Monday, September 21, 2009)  

Good information.... thanx

Blogger Acrívity said... (Monday, September 21, 2009)  

Gracias por hacer publicar mi blog

Anonymous Tanay Kumar Das said... (Tuesday, September 22, 2009)  

My site does not recognize Java script, how would i get another code.I am clicking the "Your platform doesn't accept the code? Get another one" link but it is not working.Give me one HTML code.Give me your feedback at dastanaykumar@in.com

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, September 22, 2009)  

@Tanay Kumar Das, we've just sent you an email with the requested code.

Nevertheless, in our records there are blogs on blog.com platform supporting the iFrame version of the widget.
The behavior described with "Your platform doesn't accept the code? Get another one" link, should have been caused by a disabled feature in the web browser.

Hopefully the above helps; if not, please let us know.

Anonymous Belajar Bisnis said... (Thursday, September 24, 2009)  

It's good n very easy.. Thanks

Anonymous jhonson blog said... (Sunday, September 27, 2009)  

good info thx :)

Blogger José said... (Monday, October 05, 2009)  

nice to know
thank you!

Anonymous Gadgets store said... (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)  

It's so nice trick to get more traffic. I like it so much.
Thank you very much for service...

Blogger amcarta said... (Friday, October 09, 2009)  

Me parece buenisimo, Formar parte de esta comunidad. Gracias por Ofrecer este servicio totalmente gratis de llevar mas tráfico A NUESTRO sitio.
  Gracias lo aprecio mucho.


Blogger Vidmobi said... (Monday, October 12, 2009)  

It's so nice trick to get more traffic.

Anonymous afdil said... (Tuesday, October 13, 2009)  

thanks for good widget

Blogger Unknown said... (Sunday, October 25, 2009)  

Great idea and good widget
Thanks for you

Best Regards


Anonymous abu nawas said... (Thursday, October 29, 2009)  

thank you very much to more traffic into my blog

Anonymous Jack Michael said... (Sunday, November 01, 2009)  

Great widget! What a slick way to promote a blog.

Anonymous Relife Realty said... (Friday, November 06, 2009)  

Hi, this is a great innovation to get more free traffic..

Blogger Cambay Hotels & Resorts said... (Friday, November 13, 2009)  

such a nice Work....

Anonymous yudhi said... (Sunday, November 15, 2009)  

thank you so much, it's very nice

Blogger Iu Lover said... (Monday, November 16, 2009)  

thank you so much..it's work

Anonymous Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa said... (Tuesday, November 17, 2009)  

Thanks I try to install it on my blog, Rock on

Blogger Arness.Ovine said... (Wednesday, November 18, 2009)  

it's very interesting.. :)

Anonymous 113Tidbits said... (Sunday, November 22, 2009)  

I'll wait and see I have my blog approved for this service and then pass a review of it.

Anonymous Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita said... (Thursday, November 26, 2009)  

it's seem to be a good tools to driving traffics :)

Anonymous warrioRR said... (Monday, December 07, 2009)  

Its Great To know

Anonymous Sajadah Anak said... (Monday, December 07, 2009)  

Thanks... Great stuff.. i'll try it...

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, December 09, 2009)  

parece uma boa divulgar seu blog e de quebra divulga o de outros, bom vou esperar se aceito para ver se eu entendi direito

Blogger Terras de Bouro said... (Sunday, December 20, 2009)  

nice to know
thank you!

Blogger Nethra said... (Saturday, December 26, 2009)  

Very useful. Thanks :)

Anonymous Ramz said... (Wednesday, December 30, 2009)  

count my blog in :-)

Anonymous twitterblogindonesia said... (Saturday, January 02, 2010)  

this is great tool thq you blogupp

Anonymous MasEDI Belajar Ngeblog said... (Friday, January 15, 2010)  

Thanks for your explanation :)

Anonymous The Neck Pain Support Blog said... (Sunday, January 17, 2010)  

Great Way to Promote ones blog. Thanks

Anonymous John Regis - Affiliate Marketing said... (Tuesday, January 19, 2010)  

Brilliant, have put this on all my blogs and will write a short post about too..

Thanks a bunch

Anonymous Panduan Sukses Ngeblog said... (Sunday, January 24, 2010)  

Great idea...

Anonymous msugih said... (Tuesday, January 26, 2010)  

Great ways to build traffic, Great tools and I learn a lot, thanks blogupp !

Anonymous visitbali said... (Thursday, January 28, 2010)  

Nice tips to promote..

Anonymous nova13 said... (Friday, January 29, 2010)  

thats for alternate way to promote our blog/site!!

Blogger Kimberly Michalski said... (Saturday, January 30, 2010)  

I cannot seem to get the embed function on http://kimink.pnn.com to work with the code though I tried the alternate one as well.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, January 30, 2010)  

@Kimberly, you might want to consider the same method through which there was added Twitter feed to your blog.
Generally, blog customization varies for each blog platform. The help section or the support team for your blog platform should be the most indicated place to find more answers. Thanks.

Anonymous hendra said... (Thursday, February 11, 2010)  

so good and works,,

Anonymous getz said... (Tuesday, February 16, 2010)  

Great idea, already signed up with my blog!
Will see..

Anonymous SinzZer said... (Friday, February 19, 2010)  

Agradezco las iniciativas a favor y en sentido mutuo para todo, gracias por su difusión.

Anonymous munir ardi said... (Sunday, February 21, 2010)  

very interesting Widget thanks for share with us

Blogger Zhao Yan said... (Friday, February 26, 2010)  

very good promoting widget!

Anonymous satuiku said... (Saturday, March 06, 2010)  

i like this widget!

Anonymous kupleinfo said... (Sunday, April 04, 2010)  

This is great..But how do i do this? I've put the widget code on my template blog http://kuple.info but the widget not showing.Is it need to get approval first before the widget shows? Thankyou.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, April 04, 2010)  

@kupleinfo, note that at the time we are writing this reply, the widget is visible on your blog. We assume you might be using some ad-blocking add-on that prevents the widget from being displayed on your computer.

Unfortunately, we've classified your blog content as warez, and can't approve it. Please see our terms for more information at blogupp.com/tos.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Saturday, April 17, 2010)  

nice widget

Anonymous Nurani said... (Sunday, April 18, 2010)  

Great widget to promote my blog.

Thanx i like thiz widget........

Blogger ..AminZunaidi.. said... (Friday, May 14, 2010)  

nice widget

Blogger Konstantin Brem said... (Friday, July 09, 2010)  


Anonymous ukrainka said... (Monday, July 19, 2010)  

This is amazing stuff. Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Sunday, July 25, 2010)  

nice widget can i have one

Anonymous The Fly On The Wall said... (Saturday, July 31, 2010)  

What a terrific idea and a great way to promote quality blogs. I have added the widget and I am ready to go! Good Job and many thanks from this little blogger gal :)


Anonymous iTechRoom said... (Sunday, August 01, 2010)  

Simply the great idea for blog promotion.

Blogger Sil said... (Saturday, August 07, 2010)  

Me encanta, solo tengo un problema, aparece en inglés y necesitaría que estuviera en español, no encuentro la configuración. Cuando puse mi blog , la vista previa era exacta, pero al colocar el código aparece en inglés ¿me pueden ayudar?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, August 08, 2010)  

@Sil, thanks for joining!

Please note that your widget was displaying default English blogs since it hadn't been reviewed yet. Now we've just activated your widget and it should start scrolling Spanish blogs - and respectively your blog start being promoted across Spanish blogosphere.

You might also find helpful the answer in our FAQ list about language matching.

Enjoy blogging!

Blogger albantani said... (Saturday, August 21, 2010)  

very nice blog promotion

Blogger Maria Fe Venus said... (Wednesday, September 08, 2010)  

Thank You so much!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Anonymous elmundoquevivir said... (Thursday, September 23, 2010)  

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Anonymous notclave said... (Thursday, September 23, 2010)  

hola gracias por todo

Blogger Unknown said... (Friday, October 15, 2010)  

Thank you

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, October 27, 2010)  

Thanks, i liked it

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Friday, October 29, 2010)  

for blogupp

Blogger Review Monsters said... (Saturday, October 30, 2010)  

Good work, thanks!

Anonymous Harga Toyota said... (Saturday, November 20, 2010)  

i've installed in my blog. thankyou folks..

Blogger Dapur Kumis said... (Tuesday, December 14, 2010)  

Thank you !!

Blogger BankMSU said... (Monday, December 20, 2010)  

thank you very much!

Anonymous hans said... (Saturday, December 25, 2010)  

nice to know
thank you!

Anonymous widya school said... (Monday, December 27, 2010)  

I like this .....
Thanks .....

Blogger Unknown said... (Tuesday, December 28, 2010)  

very nice blog promotion,,thanks

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Friday, February 11, 2011)  

Very nice widget...

Anonymous sekar said... (Monday, February 21, 2011)  

Thank you sir,
I like this

Anonymous Jimi DIni said... (Friday, April 22, 2011)  

Отличный ресурс, подключаю все свои сайты к нему
еще б зачет шел не за показы, а за клики - цены б не было.

Anonymous Dindina said... (Wednesday, May 11, 2011)  

Doesn't work for wordpress.com free hosting. My site is dindina.eu, the blog was approved but the image is not scrolling at all. What is the problem?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, May 11, 2011)  

@Dindina, thanks for asking.
Please find more details about WordPress.com blogs in this tutorial.

Note however that your blog doesn't seem to be hosted with WordPress.com, and hence you can use the dynamic widget. Simply re-submit your blog at blogupp.com and get the default widget-code, not the one under "Your platform doesn't accept the code? Get another one".

Hope it helps. Eventually please consider to drop a support email, or check the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Anonymous Borneo Ghost Stories said... (Saturday, May 14, 2011)  

nice widget..fresh looking, cant get my eyes away from it!

Anonymous rob said... (Monday, August 29, 2011)  

nice widget...

Anonymous Carol said... (Wednesday, September 21, 2011)  

Hi can some one please direct me to where I get the code for my widget ? for wordpress?

thanks so much!

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, September 21, 2011)  

Dear Carol,
thank you for your interest.

Simply go to blogupp.com and submit your blog URL. It will take a couple of seconds for your blog to be checked, and shortly after that you'll be shown the widget-code. That simple! (no sign-up or other details are requested)

Please let us know should you need further assistance, or check out the FAQ list for more.

Anonymous What is Forex Broker said... (Monday, October 10, 2011)  

Thanks for this widget. It's helpful.

Anonymous Cung Sen said... (Tuesday, November 15, 2011)  

what a great place, superb !! how helpful.

Many thanks.

Anonymous Full Movies Unlimited downloads said... (Saturday, November 19, 2011)  

Thanks for the great witget!

Anonymous Ajit Nayak said... (Monday, November 21, 2011)  

Good One.. Thanks for Sharing with us..

Blogger saurav said... (Thursday, January 19, 2012)  

I'v just put this Vertical 2-Blog widget in my blog Promote Bangla
I'v not changed the width of the widget.
But i have aligned the widget to centre of my sidebar because it was by default aligned to the left and that was not so appealing.
Would there be any problem cos of the change of alignment ???

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, January 19, 2012)  

@Saurav Chatterjee, you did everything correctly, glad that you've joined.

Anonymous greatjay said... (Tuesday, January 24, 2012)  

Hello, I just added the 2-blog widget to my blog, how can I turn it to four, any help will be appreciated pls.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, January 24, 2012)  

Actually 1 and 2-blog widgets (horizontal and vertical) are the only available. Thanks for being in!

Blogger Shah said... (Thursday, February 23, 2012)  

Its really great idea...i like it

Anonymous life quotes said... (Wednesday, March 14, 2012)  

awesome,...warm greetings from life quotes

Anonymous aamir aziz rajput said... (Thursday, March 15, 2012)  

this is very useful its nice

Anonymous buatblogkangroes said... (Thursday, March 15, 2012)  

I just add the widget to may blog (jasa pembuatan blog murah), very nice.

Anonymous Think Positive said... (Sunday, March 18, 2012)  

Just did it, lets see how is it gonna be.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, March 18, 2012)  

@Dusana (aka "Think Positive") - thanks for joining and sharing your positive insights. Everyone needs them for a healthy soul. Enjoy your blogging!

Blogger Stream live matches said... (Wednesday, April 11, 2012)  

You guys are doing great Bravo!

Blogger MuhaiminAbd said... (Thursday, April 19, 2012)  

Five thumbs up for blogupp... I like it...

Anonymous lowongan kerja said... (Wednesday, May 02, 2012)  

very wonderfull, i like it

Anonymous lowongan pekerjaan said... (Friday, July 13, 2012)  

great work and beneficial for bloggers

Anonymous rajan said... (Wednesday, October 03, 2012)  

Thanks for this widget. It's helpful.

Anonymous barzrul said... (Friday, November 09, 2012)  

Just install this widget on my blog. Now waiting for approval. Look great. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous Alfonso Ruiz said... (Thursday, March 07, 2013)  

As soon I knew about this opportunity i installed the widget on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Lowongan Kerja said... (Wednesday, November 06, 2013)  

Nice ... Thanks For Share

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Anonymous kubah masjid said... (Thursday, December 11, 2014)  

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