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Jul 31, 2008

Widget Customization Introduced

BlogUpp widget now may be customized and used in various sizes and layouts.

After specifying blog's URL at blogupp.com - there become visible 3 customization options, which once clicked update the widget-code. These include:
Vertical layout (default), fits the sidebars of most blog templates;
Horizontal layout, for wider sidebars;
1-blog widget, showing only 1 blog at a time.

Please note that a 2-blog widget works better for your blog promotion, by generating more impressions for yourself. In addition to that - a 2-blog widget ensures that at least 1 shown impression is of a blog, whereas the 2nd could be a sponsored ad.

Not less important to know is the following:
• Having more than one widget won't affect the number of impressions the blog accumulates or shares actually;
Altering manually the size of the widget is not recommended, as it'll be treated as gaming the system, which might lead to the blog being rejected;
• Placing the widget too low will result in either the blog not being approved, or the overall results being less favorable.
• Additional recommendations could be found in the post titled "Reviewing terms. Respect your readers, and the bloggers".

Note that while you submit your blog for the first time, BlogUpp automatically snapshots it. Should the obtained blog's thumbnail not look ok - there should be no worry; while your blog gets reviewed, the thumbnail is reviewed as well, and it is re-created if necessary, so that to best represent your blog. Should you need to change your BlogUpp thumbnail, you can easily request an update.

The layout and size of the widget can be changed at any time. Simply re-enter the blog address at blogupp.com, choose the desired customization option, and get renewed code to replace the previous one in the blog.

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Jul 22, 2008

On The Next Web

In a few words we'd like to communicate that we've had the pleasure to be interviewed by The Next Web Blog, within the "five questions for start-ups" series. The blog is closely associated with The Next Web Conference that is held annually in Amsterdam. Many thanks to the editing team.

To access the interview, just click on the image below.
BlogUpp vs The Next Web

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Jul 21, 2008

Giants fall too. It just happens sometimes

For our service to be more reliable it's operated through Amazon Simple Storage Service. This aims to make the service available at any time and from anywhere. Unfortunately there happen outages with Amazon servers occasionally, which results in many web services, including BlogUpp, not functioning. Such blackouts were noticed lately even with Google services, which tells that absolutely everyone is vulnerable. Obviously the problems get fixed shortly and the services become available again.

Herein we need to apologize to all our community bloggers for inconveniences and for them not being able to make use of BlogUpp service during outages. The practice shows that Amazon servers might go down for at most several hours, during which we kindly ask everyone to be understanding. In this context we appreciate a lot all the reports that we receive from the community, that help us make sure where the issue is, and react promptly.

The good part is that Amazon is still one of the most reliable web players, with best uptime characteristics for their infrastructure. Hopefully it stays in the same position, and BlogUpp will be available to you almost at any time, and almost from anywhere. Otherwise, we'll just have to change the partnership.

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