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Jun 23, 2008

Blog Visibility, Free. For Sale Too

In response to community's feedback, BlogUpp provides now several ways to get even more exposure and blog promotion.

Now it is possible to become a Premium blogger and boost your blog visibility for a modest charge. Simply access your BlogUpp stats page to find available 3 Premium packages, with prices starting from as low as 0.08 EUR per thousand impressions (CPM) and minimum package cost from 5 EUR, customized* as per your blog's sub-community. Premium packages can be easily acquired through PayPal, Moneybookers and WebMoney.

BlogUpp and Visibility for SaleNote that BlogUpp uses OpenID to allow secured access to stats page, which only requires blogger's blog URL to get in. Please check OpenID tutorial for more information.

Besides, there is still available the possibility to obtain bonus impressions as part of our ongoing action. It only requires reviewing BlogUpp on your blog; just spread the word, and let us know about it. Please note however that we welcome only genuine posts, on blogs meeting community's criteria.

We'd like to emphasize that promoting blogs is free for everyone. The newly added impressions acquisition feature is only to meet community's demand for extra blog promotion, as well as to allow us provide a free service for you.

* Premium prices differ depending on a number of factors, such as blog's language, quality and geo-origin.
Image via DarylTanghe

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Jun 10, 2008

Get OpenID-fied and Access Blog Analytics

Using BlogUpp (aka BlogUp) doesn't require you to have an account with us. To keep things simple, we've been exploring ways to enable authenticated access to your private area with your blog analytics and Premium benefits. As a result we've integrated OpenID - the universal authentication method used by major web sites.

BlogUpp and OpenIDOpenID makes it really easy to log in to thousands of websites with a single digital identity, represented by a simple link, which can be your blog URL. Thus, you don't have to remember many different IDs and passwords, just one.

The great news is that most blogs hosted on Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, etc - have been OpenID-enabled automatically, so bloggers don't have to do any extra setup. Just click Analytics in our menu, enter the address of your blog, and you should be in (provided your blog has been curated already).

In rare cases when your blogging platform hasn't enabled OpenID for your blog by default, there are some easy workarounds, as follows.

For WordPress.org blogs there is a quick solution to enable OpenID. Simply install the OpenID WordPress plugin; in plugin's settings select to enable OpenID and specify the blog owner. That's it.

If the above doesn't apply to you, being a Yahoo or AOL user means that you already have an OpenID identifier, without even knowing it. OpenID delegation enables you to easily transform your blog URL into an OpenID, simply by authenticating with a service you already use. In other words, OpenID delegation helps prove that you own the blog. It only requires the ability to add a small snippet of HTML code to your blog.

For Yahoo users here is the code:

where YOUR_OPENID should be replaced with yours, which can be seen in Your OpenID identifiers at openid.yahoo.com.

For AOL users OpenID enabling code is:

where YOUR_USERID should be replaced with your actual AOL user ID.

As a result of above configuration, you can now enter thousands of sites, including BlogUpp analytics and Premium area simply by providing your blog's URL. Moreover, while being authenticated through your blog as an OpenID, while commenting in the blogosphere your blog is linked back automatically, with no effort.

For additional information on OpenID, please check out OpenIDexplained.com or OpenID.net.

Known issues: as of February 19, 2014 - default Blogger.com OpenID endpoint is broken and is being fixed by Blogger.com Team.

MyOpenid.com identifiers are no longer available starting with February 2014.

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Jun 6, 2008

We do No Magic

BlogUpp is not a service that deals with magic. You'll get no promises of tons of traffic, or thousands of instant visitors. It rather aims to be referred as a decent and fair support for every blogger who values readership and creates interesting content.

BlogUpp vs Magic One of our priorities is to support bloggers in building a long-term readership, without discrediting blogs in the eyes of search engines and the online community. The visitors sent to your blog through BlogUpp are your real readers; engaged ones. That's because they are not credit-chasers or affiliate program fellows to generate you simulated traffic. These are people who have got interested in your content shared in the widget (or other blog promotion channels we provide), they appreciated your blog design, and they wanted to know you better. They might not be as many as provided by multi-tier and questionable quality programs, which you need to maintain constantly. But they are the readers you are addressing; like-minded people.

The point we'd like to make is that BlogUpp encourages interesting content and creative presentation. We do not incentivize readers to click and visit blogs, rather provide everyone of you opportunities to deserve their attention, by sharing mini-copies of your blogs to larger audiences. Probably you use to share well your content yourself. But BlogUpp is the easy way to do it, so that you can focus on blogging, of which everyone wins; both you and the readers.

Please keep in mind that inbound leads are dependent on how you respect other community blogs. Expect moderate results if your widget is placed below the fold; that is because BlogUpp uses techniques to identify this, and promotes you on community blogs having similar widget placements.

We encourage you to make your blogs nice to surf and interesting to read; please see these blog tips for that. The readers are the ones to reward you. Each visit to your blog helps you get featured on other community blogs via BlogUpp widget and content discovery toolbar. Effortlessly of you. Simply invest your time in things you like, create. Attractive content will always get readers, and they will become your followers. Always improve, keep the content interesting, and people will come to join your readership. It is the easy way it should be; inartificially and organically.

Haven't tried blog promotion with BlogUpp yet? Get started in seconds!

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Jun 1, 2008

Build the Future. Make it Good

We are proud to serve a community of influencers. People with deep thinking, who have a valuable say on what's happening in the society. It's you, the bloggers.

We all do realize very well that the children are the future, and the way we behave and treat them - determines who they'll become, and what the world will be. But sometimes it seems that this fact is being ignored.

Here's a video that we'd like to share and make the same call: "Children see. Children do. Make your influence positive".

We can do better. And we should.

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