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May 7, 2008

Reviewing terms. Respect your readers, and the bloggers

Mutual Respect Summarizing in few words how BlogUpp! service works: each reader of your blog automatically triggers for it to be promoted, i.e. your blog's thumbnail and your latest article are shown in the widget to potential readers on other blogs. You just take care of your content, focus on blogging, and your readers will reward you for sharing your thoughts with them. Isn't that simple, natural and great, both for the reader and the blogger? We think this is how the Internet could become even a better place for all of us.

As you've probably noticed, we at BlogUpp! are not imposing conditions on using the widget. Particularly we don't tell you where to place it, but rather rely on common sense. Just think of the place on other blogs where you'd want a potential reader to see the window of your blog (this is one way how we refer to our widget). We think this way too when reviewing all the submitted blogs, and presume everyone is thinking the same. It's a matter of respect and ethics.

Beside the quality of the blog itself, the position you place the widget at is important for us. We give higher priority to those being fair with the community. On the other hand, those having the widget positioned too low, not having it visible completely or even hidden, and with poor content - are candidates for being rejected by us (as stated in the Terms of Service). We allow some time (a number of days) for the blogger to make the adjustments, and if that is not happening we are seriously considering the rejection. That is a measure to ensure the quality of our community of blogs, and we hope you all understand it.

Your should also know that we refer several levels of quality while considering the blogs for approval. Higher quality blogs get promoted on alike, while those with lower and not rejected by us get respectively promotion on similar quality blogs. [...]

Even after approving a blog's submission, we do constantly track the behavior of the widget on it, and that could result in suspending or even rejecting it when appropriate. In the list of the new features to be provided by BlogUpp! is the possibility to rate up or rate down the blogs displayed in the widget. That will also support all of us have a community in which quality and mutual respect are valued.

You too can suggest features that would make the service better and at the same time keep it simple and light for everyone.

Wish all of you enjoy your blogging and discovering those new connections with BlogUpp! service.

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May 1, 2008

RSS Awareness Day. Join to Gain

We at BlogUpp! are proud to sponsor the action named "RSS Awareness Day", initiated at DailyBlogTips.com.

RSS is a great and easy-to-use mean to keep yourself updated with fresh information, which is especially actual with today's volume of data. Same as getting an email on an update, RSS delivers new articles to you automatically, so that you don’t have to check your preferred sites and blogs manually. You can find an illustration of how it works at RSSDay.org.

Enabling RSS for your blog or site allows your readers to get notified whenever you have a new post for them. It also enables you, the author of the blog or site to share your thoughts more efficiently, and promote it; free. That's because BlogUpp! was designed as a blog promotion service, that reads the RSS regularly and shares posts and articles with other readers on other blogs.

We encourage all site and blog owners enable RSS and take advantage of the ease of staying in touch with the readers. Basically BlogUpp! welcomes any site or blog with enabled RSS, which meets our policy. Find out more on our main page, by pressing the "Wanna know how it works?..." link.

Three of our prizes will go to 3 bloggers participating in the action. More information on how easy it is to get involved can be found here.

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