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Apr 2, 2008

Comparing BlogUpp & other services

Comparing BlogUpp & other servicesBlogUpp aims to keep things simple and efficient, both for bloggers and readers to enjoy their online experience.

In order to make things straight and clear, we've prepared a simple analysis of BlogUpp service along with other known ones, which is shown below.

Update: As of September 2012, all 3 other services have been deactivated. This is to confirm our commitment to support bloggers in their mission and in promoting blogs in the long-term.

BlogUpp Entrecard Spottt BlogRush
• No Sign up Yes No No No
• Simplified widget generation,
i.e. no extra-efforts on ad preparation
Yes No No Yes
• Dynamic and automated categorization,
i.e. based on RSS and context
Yes No No No
• Interactive article broadcasting Yes No No Yes
• Automated blog submission in blog directory Yes Yes No No
WordPress platform and alike friendly Yes No Yes No
• Targeted readers reach, i.e. no credit-chasers Yes No Yes Yes
• Multilanguage support Yes No No No
Welcome points / bonus impressions Yes No No No
• Clicked widget doesn’t close the original blog Yes Yes No Yes
AdSense safe Yes No Yes No
• Cheat-proof and fair sharing * Yes No No No
• De facto exchange ratio ** 10:9 N/A 10:5 10:2

* Repeated page refreshes won't change the blogs in the widget, to protect the community from impressions-waste;
** Total displayed blogs impressions versus yours.

Other misc advantages:
• SEO friendly link exchange, i.e. doesn't aim to alter one's PageRank;
• Although initially designed for bloggers, actually any website with enabled RSS can use BlogUpp service;
• BlogUpp was designed to be unprecedentedly simple and easy-to-use on purpose, nevertheless it has a powerful engine.

The conclusion - is your own. If you feel the above comparison is not objective enough, please feel free to comment, and we'll not hesitate to correct ourselves.
Or better, if you've discovered a different way how BlogUpp does help you and your blog, we'll be pleased to include it in the list above.

Enjoy your blogging!

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Blogger Comments [45]

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Tuesday, April 08, 2008)  

Hey, you guys forgot SiteHoppin Beer Widgets, their exchange ratio is 1:5, better than any of the sites listed above.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, April 09, 2008)  

Thanks for mentioning. For simplicity sake, we've decided to limit the comparison to 4 services.
In our analysis we've included the "de facto exchange ratio". Below is an excerpt from SiteHoppin's description, which shows what we mean:
"Everytime you "Rate" a site, (meaning you rate a site with beer bottles under the SiteHoppin' button), you earn 5 Beer Credits.
For every 10 Beer Credits you earn, you can use them for 1 hop to your site (meaning you will get 1 visitor to your site)

From that it's concluded that for every 2 sites rated, you could get 1 visitor, which is actually a totally different approach and method.
Simplicity, quality, and efficiency is what we strive for.
No hassle needed, just enjoy blogging.

We invite your comments.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Thursday, April 10, 2008)  

But what about blogupp stats . I mean where can we find out how many times our blogs have been syndicated !

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, April 10, 2008)  

Of course, that's important for some. However, the average blogger, who represents the majority, doesn’t care of stats. It's just about spreading of thoughts, enjoying blogging, and connecting with the world.
BlogUpp! aims to simplify blogger's life, by not keeping its focus on secondary things, and at the same time promoting him for quality content, effortlessly of him.

Nevertheless, BlogUpp! has stats feature, in closed version. And that will be easy-accessible to everyone soon. We believe it does make sense especially for those willing to promote their blogs for a charge.

So, stay tuned!

Blogger Kash M said... (Friday, April 11, 2008)  

Yes I think you are right on this one .And thanks for your prompt response :)

Blogger JOHNinKEYWEST said... (Friday, April 18, 2008)  

I'm running it on my Http://milliondollablog.com so you know I like it and I like everything about it.Good timing especially with all the "work" the others require.I got content to focus on Brother:)
I'm telling all my homies to use it
if you need some promo look me up

Blogger Amber * said... (Friday, April 18, 2008)  

Great little widget. I like the idea of "free-trade" blogging - no branding or seedy looking ads - Just letting the content sell itself.

Very useful :)

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, April 19, 2008)  

@JOHNinKEYWEST and @Amber - thanks for speaking your mind.

@Amber - no branding or seedy looking ads - Just letting the content sell itself - that's exactly what BlogUpp! stands for.
Enjoy your blogging!

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, April 24, 2008)  

Additionally to the stats issue - please note that you can track the readers sent to your blog through BlogUpp! with any existing stats analysis tool, that you are accustomed with (like Google Analytics, and alike), by checking the referrers section for adv.blogupp.com
That form of inquiring stats definitely saves your time, by not having to jump to different places, and provides you with accurate data.

Furthermore, we are committed to provide access to our own stats feature. Check back later, or get subscribed to our feeds, and we'll let everyone know when it's available.

Blogger Osita Nwaneri said... (Tuesday, April 29, 2008)  

Correction:Entrecard is FREE to join. We need to know where our own ads are showing. Also we need to know how many impressions our ads made elsewhere. It is a good service, but owners need to know where their blogs are being flashed.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, April 30, 2008)  

@Mcneri: Thanks a lot for dropping by.
Sure, all of the services mentioned above are "free to join".
"Membership-free, i.e. no registration and account", that actually means that there is no signup needed at all. Just take your code and use it.
One of the ideas behind BlogUpp! is "place it and forget about it; all the rest to get you traffic is done automatically".

It is understood that some bloggers prefer to keep the things under control, and take care of where their site is promoted, and who is being promoting on their own.
Entrecard is the right tool for this purpose. However we believe that there's too much effort for it, and it distracts from actually blogging.

Visiting a blog as a reader is a lot different that visiting it as a card dropper, for instance. And BlogUpp! was designed to bring readers to quality blogs.

Concerning the stats issue, it is covered in earlier comments; in short, BlogUpp! will make available its own stats dashboard too.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Monday, May 05, 2008)  

Just to let you know that I am using BlogUpp! to help boost traffic to my blog Rising Sun (http://risingsun.dannyarao.com). I wish the BlogUpp! team all the best and I thank you for this free service.

Blogger Techie Guy said... (Tuesday, May 06, 2008)  

I have just started to use BlogUpp and look forward to seeing how it goes.

Blogger chilly said... (Friday, May 16, 2008)  

[Quoted from Blogupp Team:
the average blogger, who represents the majority, doesn’t care of stats. [End quote]

I and many I know do care about stats because if a widget is not working for you, then why let it take up place on your blog.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Sunday, May 18, 2008)  

Of course chilly, we do agree with you. As we stated earlier, we do understand that stats are important for some bloggers.

We are committed to make available our own stats feature. And now we're implementing methods that would allow you, the blogger, access our stats as easy as it can be, without the need to have an account registered with us.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Monday, May 19, 2008)  

I like what I see so far. I have the widget on my crime blog and it blends in nicely with my layout. What I like best is the mouse over for the recent article snippet. That's a creative feature I haven't seen on other widgets yet.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Tuesday, June 24, 2008)  

BlogUpp is displayed in my site now Straight from the Heart (http://pinaymommydreamer.blogspot.com). thanks for this free service. More power!

Blogger TheresaJ said... (Thursday, July 10, 2008)  

I just added it to my blog -- http://theresaj.blogspot.com. Wondering how often the impressions in the widget change. Also, will the impressions that show up be placed on blogs that have similar content, or is it just random?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, July 10, 2008)  

We are glad you've joined TheresaJ.
Thanks for asking. The answer to your first question will be partly included in the post itself, and it is as follows:
Each impression displayed while promoting a blog is really valued. Repeated page refreshes won't change the blogs in the widget, to protect you and the community from impressions-waste. However, the widget shows different blogs as you surf through the visiting blog, by reading different pages or posts.

It also minimizes artificial accumulation of impressions, thus making the sharing fair and simple. Based on 10:9 exchange ratio, it works so that for each 10 distinct impressions a blog displays, it gets 9 views on other blogs.

Concerning your second question, the answer is that we strive for promoting blogs on similar content ones, in the best interests of blog readers and bloggers. To provide relevant and interesting results in the widget, there are needed many blogs of same categories; otherwise, there are displayed blogs of same language and quality level.

Blogger Avatar said... (Friday, July 25, 2008)  

Personally, I think this is a great idea. Without the use of credits, it encourages one to just explore other ads.

However, it would be good if you could offer some mimimum statistics,so that bloggers won't get discouraged that there appears to be no new influx of visitors, even after a period of time.

And is there a way to change the width and length of the widget. Some would prefer a bit of customisation to allow this widget to blend in with their blog.

Two Thumbs Up!

I've added this to my blog:

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, July 25, 2008)  

Welcome to our community, Avatar!

Concerning statistics, we announced in Get OpenID-fied and discover a new Web that any blogger can access its stats simply by entering blog url at http://www.blogupp.com/stats, almost the same as submitting your blog at http://www.blogupp.com, easy and quickly.

As well we share your concern regarding the customization of the widget. Shortly we'll make available the possibility to choose between different widget sizes.
Just stay tuned!

Blogger AxedbyDax said... (Friday, August 08, 2008)  

I am still new to BlogUpp.I hope I get something from it.

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, September 10, 2008)  

I must say you definitely have a revolutionary idea and service and I commend you in putting it all together so elegantly simplistic. In today's complicated blogging landscape, it is good to know something like this exist. Do you guys have investors yet? Keep up the good work guys!

I've just put up the code a few hours ago and it's live on my site MyBro.com awaiting approval. How long does it take to get approved? I am excited to see what the results would be.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Thursday, September 11, 2008)  

We appreciate your kind words, MyBro. Thank you very much!

Blog submissions are approved within 1 working day. If there's any delay - we apologize. Every blog which meets our simple policy and has sufficient quality content is welcomed, and gets approved.
For more information on our approval guidelines, please check the post about reviewing terms, as well as the recommended reading listed on the right in the sidebar.

Blogger Seperqul said... (Friday, May 01, 2009)  

Just to let you know that I am using BlogUpp! (http://ellturk.blogspot.com/). I wish the BlogUpp! team all the best and I thank you for this free service.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, May 02, 2009)  

Thanks Seperqul.
Just a friendly advice - to improve your overall blog promotion results, you are encouraged to place the widget above the fold. As mentioned in FAQ - "the better the widget position, the better blog promotion results you get in return" - and that's not mentioned by chance.

Anonymous Dinero por Paypal said... (Tuesday, May 19, 2009)  

No se mucho sobre este sitio de intercambio de links pero vale gracias lo intentare... soy latino, y no hablo ingles disculpen todos.

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, May 19, 2009)  

In the reply to the Spanish comment above - whatever the language, your comments are always welcome. With the help of such tools as Google Translate, language is no more an obstacle for us to connect globally.
Please feel free to use the Google Translate widget in the sidebar of this blog should you need an interpretation.

Blogger xull said... (Tuesday, June 02, 2009)  

nice widget.. i just put it in my blog. After seeing my friend put it, i feel it kinda cool. But i think its better if u can rotate more blog in that 2 boxes. Um like 5 blog preview for each box. Seeing the same graphic/preview is kinda boring.. xD

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Tuesday, June 02, 2009)  

@xull, thanks for your input.
Please see BlogUpp! FAQ for the reason of rotating the blogs the way it is. We hope you understand that it is better from the standpoint of your own blog.

Anonymous Blanca Stella said... (Tuesday, September 01, 2009)  

I'm going to give it a try on my blog. www.resurrectyourhero.com Sounds like a great community building platform....naturally. Thanks!

Blogger Moulee said... (Tuesday, September 01, 2009)  

I just submitted my blog at blogupp and added the widget to my blog.
I use a custom domain for my blog. I also have a subdomain for my blog which is verymuch part of my blog. I use it to have additional information about me , my blog and a contact form. Technically it is a second blog, but i made it in a way that it looks as a part of my blog. Can i use the same code which i got for my main blog on the subdomain too?

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, September 02, 2009)  

@Moulee, first of all - welcome into BlogUpp! community.
The answer to your question above is Yes. You just have to keep in mind that whenever your blog is promoted on other blogs, and users click to visit your blog, they'll land on the main domain.

Anonymous jeux de psp said... (Friday, September 25, 2009)  

I don't have any brief idea about BlogUpp because i have just started to do blogs. I have wanted to gain much knowledge it. Thank you for sharing such a nice information. I like this site very much. I will surely bookmark it for future use. Good Work! Keep it up!

Anonymous memoire pc said... (Saturday, September 26, 2009)  

So I am pretty new to blogging. I already had an account but haven't done much to it. Maybe now I will start.

Anonymous Steve said... (Monday, December 14, 2009)  

Well guys I have to say this was one of the easiest & straight forward installs I have had! I just installed the widget on my blog and it works just fine. To be honest I did wonder if it would slow the page loading, but no everything seems ok. I am keen to see if this works as well as it is supposed to, but to be fair, anything that is free & promotes your blog, has to be worth trying out!

Thanks Steve

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Monday, December 14, 2009)  

Thanks Steve, and welcome into our community!

Anonymous Steve (again) said... (Monday, December 14, 2009)  

Well I have to be honest I have already had a hit from the blogup widget, so now I've installed it on another of my sites hahaha see how it does with this one..?

Blogger Dee's Travel Agency said... (Wednesday, September 15, 2010)  

Thanks for making it easy You are the best
Dee's Travel Agency

Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wednesday, November 03, 2010)  

Just a note to let everyone know that according to their website, Blogrush is now shut down.

Blogger The Photo Trekker said... (Monday, February 13, 2012)  

Thanks for accepting Traditional Chinese Sites (other websites doesn't accept that...)

Anonymous shv-trix said... (Saturday, April 07, 2012)  

how can I know stats of my blog from blogup

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Saturday, April 07, 2012)  

@shv-trix, simply click on "Analytics" menu above in this blog, and you'll be able to access your blog's performance with BlogUpp. Alternatively, check for referrers like blogupp.com and adv.blogupp.com in your preferred Analytics service.

Anonymous Kameko said... (Wednesday, August 15, 2012)  

Thank you Blogupp.com for your idea & help in promoting our blogs.

It helps a lot. Everyone loves it.

Once again thank you and keep smiling.

Anonymous Caloundra Bookkeepers said... (Wednesday, May 08, 2013)  

I would go for blogupp because of its good service. It's a really unique ,simple site for blogger.

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