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Apr 24, 2008

BlogUpp is showing appreciation

We at BlogUpp would like to thank everyone who is making use of the service. And most of all we'd like to express our respect towards the people who've helped the online community get to know BlogUpp better.

BlogUpp is showing appreciation BlogUpp supports automated language filtering while sharing blogs within the community. In this context, we have to pay tribute for its multilanguage interface to those who've been so kind to make available the translation of BlogUpp main page in many languages, as follows: Portuguese by Ricardo, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional by Chada, German by Markus Dollinger, Japanese by Kirin, Spanish by Naty Strata, Italian by Tuttovolume, and Russian by Natalia Uzun.

Some of the community bloggers have posted about the service, and we'd like to mention the authors of some great articles on BlogUpp in several languages, as follows: In English by RotorBlog, Eric Schweer, Attila Oláh, Jacob Morgan and Download-Agloco. In Chinese by Chada, Neolee, and Ironking. In German by Markus Dollinger, Italian by Tuttovolume and Jonica Blog. In Spanish by TensaiWeb, Radix and Juan. In Portuguese by Luiz Valerio and in Russian by Kondrat Martynov. In Finnish by Vaiheinen and Japanese by Kirin.

BlogUpp is actually powered by real bloggers, and its value for the community gets bigger along with the number of the bloggers using it. The bigger the number of connections, the better experience everyone gets.

We are still looking forward to getting mentioned on such blogs as TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, and others. The authors of these blogs had been notified individually before service launch and repeatedly afterwards; we had tried following their submission recommendations and be kind when asking for their consideration, but unfortunately there wasn't even a reply to our requests.

The real "Thank You" is addressed to simple bloggers, who BlogUpp is for, who keep sharing those quality blogs, and who are just enjoying blogging.
As still mentioned on our home page, everyone using the service and having a personal post about it (not copied), can get additional visibility; just let us know about that post, and we'll offer additional impressions to all those spreading the word about the benefits of BlogUpp service.

Thank you all!

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Apr 2, 2008

Comparing BlogUpp & other services

Comparing BlogUpp & other servicesBlogUpp aims to keep things simple and efficient, both for bloggers and readers to enjoy their online experience.

In order to make things straight and clear, we've prepared a simple analysis of BlogUpp service along with other known ones, which is shown below.

Update: As of September 2012, all 3 other services have been deactivated. This is to confirm our commitment to support bloggers in their mission and in promoting blogs in the long-term.

BlogUpp Entrecard Spottt BlogRush
• No Sign up Yes No No No
• Simplified widget generation,
i.e. no extra-efforts on ad preparation
Yes No No Yes
• Dynamic and automated categorization,
i.e. based on RSS and context
Yes No No No
• Interactive article broadcasting Yes No No Yes
• Automated blog submission in blog directory Yes Yes No No
WordPress platform and alike friendly Yes No Yes No
• Targeted readers reach, i.e. no credit-chasers Yes No Yes Yes
• Multilanguage support Yes No No No
Welcome points / bonus impressions Yes No No No
• Clicked widget doesn’t close the original blog Yes Yes No Yes
AdSense safe Yes No Yes No
• Cheat-proof and fair sharing * Yes No No No
• De facto exchange ratio ** 10:9 N/A 10:5 10:2

* Repeated page refreshes won't change the blogs in the widget, to protect the community from impressions-waste;
** Total displayed blogs impressions versus yours.

Other misc advantages:
• SEO friendly link exchange, i.e. doesn't aim to alter one's PageRank;
• Although initially designed for bloggers, actually any website with enabled RSS can use BlogUpp service;
• BlogUpp was designed to be unprecedentedly simple and easy-to-use on purpose, nevertheless it has a powerful engine.

The conclusion - is your own. If you feel the above comparison is not objective enough, please feel free to comment, and we'll not hesitate to correct ourselves.
Or better, if you've discovered a different way how BlogUpp does help you and your blog, we'll be pleased to include it in the list above.

Enjoy your blogging!

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