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Mar 4, 2008

BlogUpp launch press-release

Dear Blogger,

We are happy to share with you the news of BlogUpp public launch. Please check below the press-release related to the roll out of the service that we are proud to present to you.

BlogUpp - the easy way to get readers and traffic for quality blogs

BlogUpp introduces an improved service aimed to drive traffic and discover new connections for bloggers with quality content, the easiest and more efficiently. It has the best of any link exchange or banner exchange service, and more. BlogUpp operates with the highest in the industry exchange ratio of 10:9. There is no signup, no account, and no other data required, except the link to the blog. BlogUpp generates in return a short code, for the blogger just to copy and paste into its blog once, and which will result in driving traffic to it for good. WordPress platform and alike are supported as well.

BlogUpp doesn't require the blogger to submit an ad either, as it automatically takes a snapshot of the blog, and shares it on others using the service from http://www.blogupp.com. Each blog's snapshot is accompanied by the most recent article, which BlogUpp gets by reading blog's RSS regularly. In this way the blogger enriches its blog content, and the readers are provided with diversified and interactive information. At the same time this method ensures there are no animation and annoying ads displayed to the readers.

As the community of blogs with BlogUpp service gets bigger, the bloggers will get interconnected through common interests. BlogUpp's method for scanning the content of blogs and its smart technique will enable interaction between bloggers with similar topics and quality content, without requiring a weblog category being specified.

Although every blogger is invited to benefit from BlogUpp service, each submitted blog passes an approval step, in order to ensure only those with quality content are added. There are not accepted adult, gambling, and illegal or inappropriate content websites, which aims to make BlogUpp a family friendly service with quality content. The approval doesn't require additional action from the blogger though. As indicator of the approval status is the color of a specific element in the banner.

Every approved blog gets bonus impressions from the start. BlogUpp has a democratic method of displaying impressions, so that even blogs with very few readers get fair visibility on other blogs. The more blogs one shows, the bigger the number of credit impressions it gets. However that doesn't have to encourage cheating, aimed to artificially increasing the number of blog views by constantly refreshing it. BlogUpp handles such attempts appropriately, so that to value blog's readers, and not displayed impressions as such.

Even though no account is required with BlogUpp, that doesn’t mean the bloggers can't benefit from monitoring their stats. Those willing to use this feature will get it just by following-up an easy procedure. Advanced bloggers could also use stats analytic services that are already available with their weblogs. BlogUpp seeks to be referred as a simple, efficient and honest community service.

The reliability and scalability of BlogUpp are supported by Amazon services, which aims to maximize the availability and efficiency of the service for anyone, and at any time.

Previously used methods for adding visibility to a blog consisted mostly in building textual static blogrolls. That implies firstly getting to know of a weblog and only after that a link is to be established manually, by crawling the HTML for each update. With BlogUpp the bloggers have the possibility to discover new connections effortlessly, in an interactive, automated and extremely simplified way.

With a one-time inserted code into the weblog, the blogger gets to be known by other fellows who share common interests, obtains a boost in the traffic, along with a vivid, fluent and evolved blogroll. In this particular manner each blogger increases its chances for the blog to be shown to a wider audience, with no complexity at all.

All the bloggers are invited to take advantage of BlogUpp service, which makes it easier than ever getting the bloggers interconnected. Readers and traffic are the true currency for the weblogs, and BlogUpp can give it cost free to every blogger with quality content.

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Blogger Comments [3]

Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Wednesday, April 02, 2008)  

We are proudly listing below some of the press-distribution services, which posted about BlogUpp!:


An here are some of the community reviews, in several languages:
IncubaWeb.com (Spanish)
WebTuga.com (Portuguese)
TuttoVolume.blogspot.com (Italian)
Genmicha.cn (Chinese)
DotCompanies.nl (Dutch)

Blogger Avatar said... (Friday, July 25, 2008)  

Dear BlogUpp! Team,

Why not post your press release on social bookmarks like Digg, StumbleUpon etc.?

Once you do, please put up a post so that we can Digg/Stumble It or whatever.

I truly think it's going to be a big success as it's simple to use. The only hurdle is to get a large enough population to subscribe.

Good Luck!


Blogger Valer @BlogUpp said... (Friday, July 25, 2008)  

Dear Avatar,
Thanks for your kind words. Your passion is greatly appreciated; we are glad to share it with you.

News about BlogUpp! have been announced in many social communities, including those you've just mentioned. We keep doing our best and are looking forward to making other newsworthy announcements.

It needs time for the majority of bloggers to get confident with the widget, even though it is that simple to use.
We are encouraging as well as rewarding with bonuses those spreading the word about it, and long for the day when it becomes well-known.

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