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Mar 14, 2008

BlogUpp to speak your language

BlogUpp! seeks to be of use to every blogger with quality content, no matter the language and the location.
Your blogs are already being related by language, in the way that Italian blogs are shared on Italians, and Portuguese ones on Portugueses.
And BlogUpp! is committed to relate blogs by common interests soon.

Now we are initiating a new promotion, and we'll give additional impressions to bloggers who will contribute to the community.
You could get more impressions for your blog, by helping the fellows speaking your language (other than English) understand how BlogUpp can do good to them.
All you need to do is translate the text from BlogUpp home, and send it to us by email from the main page.
Before starting, we advise you to get in touch with us, and let us know which language you intend to interpret in; it might happen that we've got a translation already.

Please bear in mind that translations done using automated translators will not be considered. And please note that we are able to reward provided you have a quality blog yourself, and use BlogUpp service.

We thank you in advance for cooperation and look forward to hearing from you.

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Mar 12, 2008

WordPress blogs submission

BlogUpp plugin is meant for blogs on WordPress.org. Alternatively, the widget can be added to WordPress.org blogs by dragging a Text/HTML widget in blog's sidebar and inserting the short widget-code provided at blogupp.com.

BlogUpp vs WordPressBlogs hosted at WordPress.com typically allow static widgets only (i.e. no JavaScript or iframes allowed) and respectively BlogUpp generates a tailored static widget for WordPress.com blogs. In this context we need your contribution to ask WordPress.com to support the interactive widget for better user experience.

The widget generated by BlogUpp can be installed easily onto your WordPress.com blog simply by clicking the link "Click here and paste the code into a text widget on your blog" (it's under widget-code box at blogupp.com). The widget code should be added into a new Text/HTML widget. Here's how:

 • Go to WordPress admin panel > "Appearance" > "Widgets";
 • Locate in the list of "Available Widgets" the one that writes "Text" / "Arbitrary text or HTML";
 • Drag it to the sidebar of your blog, and enter in it the widget code. Done.

While using the widget on WordPress.com blogs - please refresh browser cache in order to retrieve your widget approval status (one time action after blog curation).

WordPress.com blogs usually are automatically OpenID-enabled, and you could access your analytics panel straight away (provided the blog is already approved). In case of custom domain blogs with WordPress.org, the access to analytics panel and Premium area could be done simply by installing the OpenID plugin, then in plugin's settings select to enable OpenID and specify the blog owner. That's it!

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Mar 10, 2008

RSS help and tutorial. Feeds auto-discovery

RSS auto-discovery is a way that makes possible for web browsers and services to automatically detect a blog's feed / RSS. It's also a way to inform blog readers that they can follow blog's updates easily via a feed reader. To learn more about how RSS works, please check this link.

Usually blog platforms enable blog feeds automatically, so that blog readers can follow blog updates, as well as services that rely on blog feeds can function properly.

If RSS auto-discovery is not enabled, normally you'll get an alert that your blog doesn't have an RSS while you submit your blog with us. Generally, you should be able to find options to enable feeds in your blog control panel. Here's how to enable RSS for *blogspot.com blogs:
  • Log in to blogger.com and click on "Settings" and then "Other";
  • Look for "Site Feed" section and make sure that "Allow Blog Feed" is not set to "None".

Alternatively, enabling RSS can be done manually by adding a simple line of code in the header of the blog, referring the actual RSS feed of the blog. The following line of code should be added somewhere between <head> and </head> tags in blog's html code:
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="TITLE" href="RSS-URL" />
changing TITLE and RSS-URL accordingly to point to the RSS of your blog. It is recommended setting only one RSS feed URL for auto-discovery, in order to make sure the right content is distributed from your blog (e.g. not getting your blog comments retrieved from the RSS rather than the actual blog posts).

Completing the above will avoid certain warnings shown when you submit your blog to BlogUpp or other blog services. Note as well that empty RSS post titles prevent us from making use of your blog posts in order to promote the blog. If that is your case - please consider adding titles and then re-submit your blog.

Feed errors may also be caused when certain uncommon symbols are written in blog posts, resulting in feed parsing errors. Some web browsers will not report such errors, so you won't be aware of eventual issues. Internet Explorer and Opera web browsers are more sensitive to such errors and report them accordingly. Please consider to check your feeds in these browsers to make sure your blog fee is setup property.

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Mar 6, 2008

Hello! Ciao! Bonjour!

BlogUpp! multilanguage Hello! Ciao! Bonjour!...

Thanks everyone for joining BlogUpp!.
We are very pleased that so many people from all over the world are benefiting from the service.

You've probably noticed already that BlogUpp! is sharing blogs in your language as well. For instance, a BlogUpp! widget on a Spanish blog shows blogs in Spanish and English. Should you eventually note unexpected language blogs in your widget, drop us a line, and will teach BlogUpp! to be more accurate.

Forget of maintaining link and banner exchange programs.
BlogUpp! does it all automatically.
Just enjoy your blogging!

//Photo by PhotoGraham

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Mar 4, 2008

BlogUpp launch press-release

Dear Blogger,

We are happy to share with you the news of BlogUpp public launch. Please check below the press-release related to the roll out of the service that we are proud to present to you.

BlogUpp - the easy way to get readers and traffic for quality blogs

BlogUpp introduces an improved service aimed to drive traffic and discover new connections for bloggers with quality content, the easiest and more efficiently. It has the best of any link exchange or banner exchange service, and more. BlogUpp operates with the highest in the industry exchange ratio of 10:9. There is no signup, no account, and no other data required, except the link to the blog. BlogUpp generates in return a short code, for the blogger just to copy and paste into its blog once, and which will result in driving traffic to it for good. WordPress platform and alike are supported as well.

BlogUpp doesn't require the blogger to submit an ad either, as it automatically takes a snapshot of the blog, and shares it on others using the service from http://www.blogupp.com. Each blog's snapshot is accompanied by the most recent article, which BlogUpp gets by reading blog's RSS regularly. In this way the blogger enriches its blog content, and the readers are provided with diversified and interactive information. At the same time this method ensures there are no animation and annoying ads displayed to the readers.

As the community of blogs with BlogUpp service gets bigger, the bloggers will get interconnected through common interests. BlogUpp's method for scanning the content of blogs and its smart technique will enable interaction between bloggers with similar topics and quality content, without requiring a weblog category being specified.

Although every blogger is invited to benefit from BlogUpp service, each submitted blog passes an approval step, in order to ensure only those with quality content are added. There are not accepted adult, gambling, and illegal or inappropriate content websites, which aims to make BlogUpp a family friendly service with quality content. The approval doesn't require additional action from the blogger though. As indicator of the approval status is the color of a specific element in the banner.

Every approved blog gets bonus impressions from the start. BlogUpp has a democratic method of displaying impressions, so that even blogs with very few readers get fair visibility on other blogs. The more blogs one shows, the bigger the number of credit impressions it gets. However that doesn't have to encourage cheating, aimed to artificially increasing the number of blog views by constantly refreshing it. BlogUpp handles such attempts appropriately, so that to value blog's readers, and not displayed impressions as such.

Even though no account is required with BlogUpp, that doesn’t mean the bloggers can't benefit from monitoring their stats. Those willing to use this feature will get it just by following-up an easy procedure. Advanced bloggers could also use stats analytic services that are already available with their weblogs. BlogUpp seeks to be referred as a simple, efficient and honest community service.

The reliability and scalability of BlogUpp are supported by Amazon services, which aims to maximize the availability and efficiency of the service for anyone, and at any time.

Previously used methods for adding visibility to a blog consisted mostly in building textual static blogrolls. That implies firstly getting to know of a weblog and only after that a link is to be established manually, by crawling the HTML for each update. With BlogUpp the bloggers have the possibility to discover new connections effortlessly, in an interactive, automated and extremely simplified way.

With a one-time inserted code into the weblog, the blogger gets to be known by other fellows who share common interests, obtains a boost in the traffic, along with a vivid, fluent and evolved blogroll. In this particular manner each blogger increases its chances for the blog to be shown to a wider audience, with no complexity at all.

All the bloggers are invited to take advantage of BlogUpp service, which makes it easier than ever getting the bloggers interconnected. Readers and traffic are the true currency for the weblogs, and BlogUpp can give it cost free to every blogger with quality content.

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Mar 3, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with BlogUpp
What is BlogUpp?
How does it work?
How to match widget and blog language?
How the widget chooses which blog to promote?
How does Cross-Promotion work?
What is content discovery toolbar?
Is BlogUpp AdSense safe?
Adding the widget
What "Add to Blogger" button stands for?
How to add the widget to my blog?
How to add BlogUpp to WordPress blogs?
How to add BlogUpp to Tumblr blogs?
What Blogger.com gadget does?
Why is the widget not shown on my blog?
Get to know it better
How long does it take to approve a submitted blog?
How to update blog thumbnail?
Can I customize the widget?
Do I get access to BlogUpp stats?
Can I see a demo of the service?
How does BlogUpp compare versus other services?
Can I get extra-promotion?
What benefits do I get as a Premium?
How can I pay for Premium blog promotion?
I've seen your badge on blogs. How do I get one?
How often the blogs in the widget change?
I was directed to a removed blog. Why is that?
RSS related errors. How to fix them?
How do I update my feed URL?
Need more control. Is private content distribution available?
Sponsored Content Marketing and Display
Which are the offers for brands?
Where is my creative displayed?
Will creatives be shown on any inappropriate blogs?
Do I get any kind of analytics?
Are there any limitations to creatives?
BlogUpp Blog Directory
What is BlogUpp Blog Directory?
Which blogs are listed in the directory?
What makes a blog Top 100?
Why can't I find my blog in the directory?
Generic Questions
What is a blog?
What is RSS?
How do I find readers for my blog?
Who is behind BlogUpp?
What about […], what if […]?

Q: What is BlogUpp?
BlogUpp (also known as BlogUp) is an interactive content distribution platform and curated publisher network. It offers 4 content distribution channels for amplified blog promotion: media distribution widget, content discovery toolbar, social cross-promotion and selected blog directory. No sign-up required and it's free.

Publisher / blog success depends on its readers and blog awareness. Getting all that requires effort and time (or money). BlogUpp makes your blog discovered easily and efficiently, by distributing your regular blog updates across thousands of relevant blogs and via multiple channels. The idea is simple: you feature selected community blogs and all of them promote your blog, mutually and effortlessly. Besides supporting bloggers help each other, BlogUpp is a way to discover and connect great blogs.

Brands are welcome to leverage content marketing and sponsored display campaigns on selected blogs. Kindly check sponsored section for details.
Q: How does it work?
BlogUpp builds awareness for you by sharing your latest blog post interactively on thousands of related blogs within the widget. Your blog content is distributed as well via our curated blog directory, content discovery toolbar, Facebook and Twitter (via cross-promotion) - along with the snapshot of promoted blog. To get started just enter the blog address at www.blogupp.com and get your unique widget-code to paste in the sidebar of your blog. For each 10 blogs your widget features, your blog is promoted to 9 readers in the widget on other blogs - free. Installed widget enables the other distribution channels to promote your blog.

Don't want to install the widget and still get your content distributed? Fine, Premium is for you, check it out.

Every submitted blog is reviewed individually, for quality and other terms-enforced considerations. As indicator of the approval status is the color of widget bar with BlogUpp logo. So that grey color stands for pending, blue - for approved and red - for denied.

BlogUpp doesn't credit its participating publishers for clicks - thus not encouraging non-organic visits. The widget on blogs is not indexed by search engines, i.e. not affecting one's blog authority.

Find out more about it in "We do no magic" and "Sometimes less is more".
Q: How to match widget and blog language?
We take care of that. Newly submitted blogs display in the widget only default content, which is mainly in English. When your blog submission is reviewed for approval it gets assigned to an appropriate language, so that (for instance) English blogs are mutually promoting English ones and Spanish blogs, respectively - Spanish ones. Additionally, approved non-English blogs may occasionally display Premium blogs and default content.
Q: How the widget chooses which blog to promote?
Blog promotion in the widget is not random - a combination of targeting levels are applied. First off it's user behavior based. There are taken into consideration what other blogs your readers are visiting through the widget, as well as other community readers' activity.
Besides being matched by language and reader behavior, geo-targeting is applied too. In this context, for instance, there are identified and served appropriately English blogs addressing blog readers from USA, European users and English Asian audience.
Several levels of content quality also ensure that blogs mutually promote similar quality ones, in the best interest of blog's readership.
BlogUpp widget position in your blog determines the engagement of your readers with the widget, which is also matched with other community blogs' widget engagement. So it's important to note - the better the widget position, the better blog promotion results you get in return.
Q: How does Cross-Promotion work?
Cross-Promotion helps notify social networking friends each time a new blog post is published. Once the feature is enabled, BlogUpp distributes your blog to Facebook and Twitter profiles automatically and regularly.

A note will be posted on your Facebook wall and/or page(s) including the title of your latest post, its link, an extract from the post and your blog thumbnail. Same with Twitter, apart from blog thumbnail. Find out more about it in this tutorial.
Q: What is content discovery toolbar?
Content discovery toolbar is a great way to discover and explore blogs seamlessly. The toolbar shows up automatically upon clicking in the widget, accessing any external link via blog directory or social networks shares. It also offers the possibility to rate blogs, share and comment on each specific blog. Find out more about it in this blog post.
Q: Is BlogUpp AdSense safe?
Blog promotion is a common vital practice for any blogger and BlogUpp offers a decent blog service in that sense. Simple as that, we do no magic.

Unlike paid-to-click (PTC) and paid-to-surf services, BlogUpp doesn't credit participating sites for clicks, nor incentivize readers to click and visit blogs; we rather provide every participating blog opportunities to deserve reader's attention, by sharing blog mini-copies to other blogs' audiences. It promotes authentic blogs by respecting and relying on the same principles as Google AdSense itself does.

Which means in the end that online users landing on a blog via BlogUpp widget, blog directory, or blog discover toolbar - are readers naturally interested in blogger's message broadcasted across BlogUpp content distribution network.

Here are Google's official suggestions on how to promote blogs; they include, among others, adding a blogroll, linking other blogs and submit to blog directories - which BlogUpp already does, interactively and all-in-one.
Q: What "Add to Blogger" button stands for?
While submitting your blog at blogupp.com - *blogspot.com blogs are recognized automatically and an "Add to Blogger" button shows up, allowing to add the widget in just a few clicks. Just click the button and confirm. That easy.
Q: How to add the widget to my blog?
An alternative to "Add to Blogger" feature is following these steps:
1. While on blogupp.com:
 • Enter your blog URL, press enter and wait a moment for your widget-code to show up;
 • Copy your widget-code to clipboard.

2. Log in into Blogger.com with your ID.
 • Select "Layout" and spot an upper position in the sidebar;
 • Click "Add a Gadget" and select "HTML/JavaScript";
 • Paste BlogUpp widget-code in "Content" section of the new element and save;
 • Preview and save your design changes. Done!.

The procedure is more-or-less the same for other blog platforms, i.e. just add a default HTML element/widget and paste your BlogUpp widget code in it. Please make sure the widget is positioned in your blog sidebar above the fold (visible without scrolling the page), so that to ensure better results while we promote your blog.
Q: How to add BlogUpp to WordPress blogs?
For blogs hosted at WordPress.com the widget-code should be added as a new Text/HTML widget. Since WordPress.com allows only static widgets - bloggers need to refresh browser cache to retrieve widget approval status (one-time action). Find out more about WordPress.com in this tutorial.

You could help WordPress team decide on enabling the interactive widget for better user experience. Simply drop a line via this link. Thank you in advance for that!

For blogs using WordPress.org our specialized BlogUpp plugin will help. Alternatively, the widget can be added to WordPress.org blogs on custom domains just by dragging a new Text/HTML widget in your blog's sidebar and inserting into it the short iFrame widget-code provided at blogupp.com
Q: How to add BlogUpp to Tumblr blogs?
Adding the widget to a Tumblr blog requires just a bit of HTML knowledge. Here are the steps:

 • While in your Tumblr "Dashboard" click "Customize" link to show up more options;
 • Under "Edit theme" look for "Edit HTML" option and click it to show blog's source;
 • In the HTML locate the "sidebar" div (i.e. <div id="sidebar">) using browser's search;
 • Paste your widget-code within the sidebar section (recommended above the fold);
 • Click "Update preview" button and then "Save". That's it!
 • Once you see the widget on your blog, you've installed it correctly.
 • It's now only pending for us to review your blog and activate its content distribution across multiple channels. Once activated, you'll also be able to discover other great bloggers who are writing on topics similar to yours.
Q: What Blogger.com gadget does?
We enjoy making things simple. Our gadget featured at Blogger.com is a super easy way for you to get started with BlogUpp - just click to install. As you add the gadget - it's only pending for us to curate the blog and make sure it meets community's terms of service.

Optimization Tip: it is advisable to get the native widget directly from www.blogupp.com, which results in a faster loading widget.

We love to promote blogs that:
 • offer quality and original content;
 • have the widget above the fold (i.e. visible without scrolling the page);
 • have at least 5 authentic blog posts and are updated.
Note: a blue widget bar means you've been approved.

As an all-in-one blog promotion solution, BlogUpp offers more than an interactive content distribution widget. Upon their approval blogs get distributed via:
 • the widget installed on other community blogs;
 • content discover toolbar;
 • selected blog directory;
 • cross-promotion to Facebook and Twitter is optional, and when enabled it increases your chances of being discovered. And on top of that - you get bonus points! Learn more.

Possible gadget issues and solutions:
 • When the preview is missing, Adblock Plus (or alike) interferes. Simply whitelist or disable it;
 • When the URL is reported as invalid - it could also be due to no blog posts and/or titles (empty RSS).
Q: Why is the widget not shown on my blog?
Certain browser add-ons / extensions hide page elements while you are browsing from your computer. An example of such an extension is AdBlock Plus. You can easily teach it not to hide your BlogUpp widget by following these steps:

In Chrome browser:
 • While viewing your blog, right-click AdBlock Plus icon and choose "Options";
 • Go to "Add your own filters" tab;
 • Enter "@@blogupp" (without the double quotes) and add the filter. Done!

In Firefox:
 • While viewing your blog, right-click AdBlock Plus icon and choose "Filter preferences...";
 • Go to "Custom filters" tab. Click "Actions" and "Show/hide filters" to display the right-side pane;
 • Click "Add filter" and enter "@@||blogupp.com", then press enter. Complete.

If AdBlock Plus icon is not visible, go to Add-ons / Extensions section in browser configuration, locate AdBlock Plus and click "Options". Learn more about AdBlock Plus filters. Similar extensions also have whitelisting filters, to help you customize the behavior. Please check help for the one you are using, or get in touch with us to advise.
Q: How long does it take to approve a submitted blog?
Normally we do review and approve new blog submissions within 1 business day.

If there's a delay, we strongly advise you to consider the rules; in short:
  • Content quality,
  • Widget position, and
  • Sufficiency of content are the decisive ones.
  • Additional notes for Asian bloggers.

Besides, in case you placed the widget not on blog's home page - then the delay might be due to the fact that we haven't noticed it, since we check home pages only. It is recommended in such cases to send us a short note either via email or Twitter and we'll re-consider.

Approval status can change after activation too; these factors might influence it:
  • being unethical, by hiding the widget or placing it too low;
  • abusing of voting and cheating in general;
  • using tools that generate fake traffic, which leads to waste of community impressions.
It's simply common sense that guides us.

Find out more about it in this blog post and terms announcement post.
Q: How to update blog thumbnail?
You can easily request BlogUpp update the image of your promoted blog. Just visit blogupp.com and re-submit your blog URL. Shortly after that a new thumbnail will be generated, to represent your blog at its best.

Note that the amount of traffic your blog gets through BlogUpp depends on how your blog thumbnail looks, besides the content itself. You are in control here, so be creative and you'll enjoy the results. Find out more about it in thumbnail update tutorial.
Q: Can I customize the widget?
Yes, BlogUpp widget may be used in various sizes and layouts. After specifying a blog's address at blogupp.com and pressing enter, there becomes visible the one-click option to choose between:
• Vertical layout (default), which fits in the sidebars of most blog templates;
• Horizontal layout, for wider sidebars;
• 1-blog widget, showing only 1 blog at a time, i.e. half-sized.

A 2-blog widget works better for your blog promotion, by generating more impressions for you. At the same time - a 2-blog widget ensures that at least 1 shown impression is of a blog, whereas the 2nd could be of a sponsored ad.
Find out more about it in BlogUpp customization tutorial.
Q: Do I get access to BlogUpp stats?
Stats are available through OpenID authentication, allowing bloggers access their BlogUpp stats simply by specifying blog URL. In stats page bloggers can also buy additional impressions for Premium extra-promotion. It is important to note the following:
• BlogUpp stats might differ from other analytics. Anti-fraud measures exclude repeated page views to avoid impression-waste;
• Apparently low serving is determined by multilevel blog targeting, i.e. interests and blog activity matching;
• BlogUpp visits could be also monitored via your preferred Analytics service, by inquiring referrers section for adv.blogupp.com or blogupp.com.

Find out more about it in BlogUpp OpenID tutorial.
Q: Can I see a demo of the service?
Sure, you can find BlogUpp demo on YouTube and many other video-sharing communities.
Q: How does BlogUpp compare versus other services?
We've got an analysis of BlogUpp and some other popular services in a feature comparison blog post. Have a look at it and judge for yourself.
Q: Can I get extra-promotion?
You can and you are most welcome to. Premium blog promotion is available for a modest charge. Simply access BlogUpp stats page to find available 3 preset impression packages, with progressive discounts customized to your blogging sub-community (i.e. English, Spanish, etc).
Once extra-impressions are acquired, the blogger becomes a Premium and benefits of extra-options (read bellow for details).
Q: What benefits do I get as a Premium?
BlogUpp service is free by default for eligible blogs. As a Premium blogger, however, you get higher blog exposure and more chances to reach new blog readers. Here are just a few Premium advantages:
• Premium blogs are promoted with a higher priority;
• Placed in top of the queue and blog updates are checked much more frequently;
• It's not mandatory to have the widget installed in order to promote a blog;
• No ads are displayed in the widget of Premium blogs during the campaign;
• Custom blog thumbnails can be used to promote blogs more creatively;
• High priority support and special consideration for all issues related to Premium blogs;
• More targeting choices are offered, to either broaden the blog exposure or make it more specific (e.g. geo-targeting) - as per blogger's preference.

As a Premium you basically benefit of much higher results at a more than reasonable price.

Brands are welcome to leverage content marketing and sponsored display campaigns on selected blogs. Kindly check sponsored section for details.
Q: How can I pay for Premium blog promotion?
Premium blog promotion can be acquired easily through PayPal (including debit / credit cards options), Skrill (former Moneybookers) and WebMoney.

The easiest way to get Premium is via BlogUpp's home page, right after submitting a blog URL. Click on "Get Premium" and proceed to payment. For un-approved blogs this also ensures:
• priority blog review, as well as
• Premium bloggers aren't required to install the widget in order to promote the blog.

Payments are processed within 1 business day. The credits become visible in analytics panel under "Extra / Premium impressions". Credits represent the number of times the blog will be distributed across BlogUpp blog network.

For customized Premium packages and discounts, please access analytics panel after widget installation and blog's activation.
Q: I've seen your badge on blogs. How do I get one?
Thanks for asking. The badge is an easy way to improve your blog rank, since it allows blog readers vote for your blog. Simply copy the badge code and link it to your blog as instructed.
Q: How often the blogs in the widget change?
Each impression displayed while promoting a blog is really valued. Repeated page refreshes won't change featured blog(s) in the widget, in order to protect you and the community from impressions-waste. However, the widget shows different blogs as you surf through the blog, by reading different posts on different pages.
It also minimizes artificial accumulation of impressions, thus making community blogs featuring fair.
Q: I was directed to a removed blog. Why is that?
For some reasons, either blog owners or blog platform managing team delete certain blogs. They continue being promoted within the widget because their impressions balance is positive (i.e. as part of reciprocal web promotion, participating blogs accumulate impressions with each displayed widget). They'll stop automatically being promoted as soon as their balance gets consumed.

You can contribute by reporting such blogs via our dedicated toolbar button and we'll stop promoting inactive subjects right away. We encourage you as well to let us know of any blogs with questionable content, in your best interests and community's.
Twitter, comment or contact us from home page with just the link of that blog and we'll take action promptly. Thank you in advance.
Q: RSS related errors. How to fix them?
Usually blog platforms automatically configure and enable blog feeds, so that blog readers can follow blogs via RSS updates. This is how to check whether blog feeds are enabled: while looking at your blog - the RSS icon within your web browser should be activated; clicking on it should lead to the list of your recent blog posts.

If the RSS icon not be enabled - then you should be able to find in your blogging control panel options to enable feeds. Here's how to do that for *blogspot.com blogs:
  • Login to blogger.com and click on "Settings" link;
  • While in "Settings" screen look for "Site Feed" tab and select it;
  • Make sure that in "Allow Blog Feeds" there is selected a value other than "none".

Alternatively, enabling RSS could be done manually by adding a line of code in the header of the blog, referring the RSS feeds of the blog. Find out more about it in RSS feeds tutorial.
Q: How do I update my feed URL?
It's very simple - just re-enter your blog address at blogupp.com and that's it. BlogUpp will re-check your RSS URL (in case it changed) and will retrieve your recent blog post.

In case your blog has feed auto-discovery configured for more than 1 RSS feed, please be advised to drop us a line with specification of the feed preferred to be promoted across our blog network.
Q: Need more control. Is private content distribution available?
For blogger communities and corporate blogs we can set up private content distribution networks. They allow us to mutually distribute the content of your community blogs exclusively (i.e. you control the blogs the network includes) across the content distribution channels we provide. This has the objective to interconnect the audiences of your blogs, connect bloggers, amplify awareness and increase engagement. In other words, that's social content marketing for your community - easy and interactively.

Simply get in touch with us and we'll gladly help. Please note that all blogs must be in line with the terms of service and there is a reasonable minimum for the number of blogs within a private content distribution network.
Q: Which are the offers for brands?
BlogUpp is a content distribution platform and blog marketing service, both for authentic bloggers and brands. Companies can leverage content marketing via BlogUpp curated publisher network, as well as deliver sponsored display campaigns on selected blogs, targeted across different verticals and geo-locations.

Brand representatives are welcome to visit content marketing page to get started easily. For a custom content marketing solution, please also check private content distribution.

Content marketing rates are applied on the number of content distributions. In case of display campaigns - CPM, CPC and CPD options are available. Payments are accepted via PayPal (including debit / credit cards options), Skrill (former Moneybookers) and WebMoney.

Sponsored content marketing is an opportunity to deliver brand's messages in a social manner. Brand websites will also be featured via the content discovery toolbar, as well as syndicated in the directory and social networks (preferential), in addition to being distributed across community blogs.
Q: Where is my creative displayed?
Display campaigns are delivered targeted across curated blogs via our social blog widget. It distributes interactively updated community content and blends as well a 125x125 sized display creative. Brands can also place display campaigns with classic IAB sized creatives in the blog directory (note that the widget represents the main distribution channel).

The 10 to 9 widget blog promotion ratio leaves BlogUpp 1 impression out of each 10, which is used for sponsored and Premium distribution. A dynamic rate allows us to keep the widget entertaining.
Q: Will creatives be shown on any inappropriate blogs?
We understand that protection of brands is crucial. Which is why we manually review each participating blog and don't accept into our blogger community any blogs that could be deemed inappropriate as per our terms of service.
Q: Do I get any kind of analytics?
Content marketing campaigns can be analyzed via BlogUpp stats panel, showing both clicks and impressions. For display campaigns, brands get access to our Google DoubleClick panel for comprehensive IAB / MRC certified reporting. Lastly, BlogUpp visits could be monitored via your preferred analytics service, by inquiring referrers section for adv.blogupp.com or blogupp.com.
Q: Are there any limitations to creatives?
Yes. Bloggers are our partners as well and to maintain a high quality of our community we do not allow creatives that promote sites falling into the following categories:
• Adult content;
• Illegal content and activities;
• Excessive violence;
• Gambling;
• Scam websites and alike;
• "Work from home", "get rich quick", etc.
Q: What is BlogUpp Blog Directory?
BlogUpp Directory is the blog catalog of BlogUpp blogger community. The directory is meant to show at a glance what's new and hot in the blogosphere, help discover great blogs and of course give your blogs the extra-exposure.
The directory also allows us be transparent with our partners and advertisers, to demonstrate that BlogUpp serves a community of quality blogs only.
Q: Which blogs are listed in the directory?
Blogs get listed in the directory through automated blog submission soon after BlogUpp widget is added on blog and the blog gets approved. Blogs get listed on directory front pages each time a new blog post is written. Blogs are scanned for new postings only if the widget is present and fully visible on blog.

http://www.blogupp.com/directory/blog/BLOG-URL stores your permanent blog page in the directory, where BLOG-URL is your blog address without http:// prefix.
Q: What makes a blog Top 100?
There are many factors that favor blogs appear in BlogUpp Directory Top 100. There are taken into account, among others, how often a blog is visited through BlogUpp widget, as well as how many readers it actually has. It means in fact that we favor the blogs with interesting content and creative/clickable layouts.
You are in control of your blog thumbnail, so be creative and you'll enjoy the results.
Q: Why can't I find my blog in the directory?
Should your blog meet the conditions listed here and still not appear in directory search results - then it's only because the blog is not yet among top blogs. Note however that the widget is the main tool in promoting your blog, along with content discovery toolbar and Facebook/Twitter cross-promotion.

Tip: http://www.blogupp.com/directory/blog/BLOG-URL stores your permanent blog page in the directory, where BLOG-URL is your blog address without http:// prefix.
Q: What is a blog?
A blog is a different type of website, which allows to express yourself and connect like-minded people. Blogs are a lot easier to maintain, making it possible practically for everyone to start and write one, easy and free. Blogger.com and WordPress.com are just some of the blogging services that offer to register, host and maintain blogs - completely free of charge. For more information, please consider this step-by-step tour, or blogs in plain English video.
Q: What is RSS?
RSS is a web feed that helps stay updated with blog entries and anything new in an exceptionally time-saving manner. Web feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically, at the same time allowing readers aggregate favorite feeds from many sites into one place (such as an RSS feed reader). For more information on how RSS works, please watch RSS in plain English video.
Q: How do I find readers for my blog?
The success of a blog is indeed determined by the amount of interested readers it has. It is essential to do a couple of simple procedures for your blog marketing, aimed at attracting readers. Great content of course matters the most; nevertheless it needs to be brought to readers' attention and here are some of the ways that help:
Get BlogUpp widget for your blog promotion and get automatically listed in the blog directory;
• Do a keyword research to help readers find your blog easily through search engines;
• Submit your blog to other blog directories, as well as RSS submission sites;
• Keep your blog updated with fresh content;
• Use social media to spread the word about your blog;
• Network with other bloggers by commenting on related blogs;
• Participate in blogger groups and various discussions of your interest.
Q: Who is behind BlogUpp?
Vitalie and Valer - came with the idea of the service and created it, committed to support authentic bloggers in delivering their message to the world, easy and efficiently. At the same time, BlogUpp's mission is to help audiences discover great content and connect great blogs. Blog curation is an important part of the process and it is handled by in-house staff. If you'd like to say "Hi", please use "Support" link in the menu above or connect with us via the social networks mentioned in the sidebar of this blog. Thank you.
Q: What about […], what if […]?
If your question is not answered above, please feel free to contact us via "support" link in the menu above and you'll be assisted soon. Alternatively, you could get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter.

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