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Oct 9, 2014

Blog Action Day: Let's fight inequality

This year's Blog Action Day (Oct 16) is dedicated to #INEQUALITY. Bloggers are invited to involve and help make an impact. By uniting many voices around inequality we'll create a powerful global discussion and achieve more. Non-bloggers are also welcome to raise awareness through their social networks, as well as take appropriate action in offline interaction whenever facing inequality situations.

We have gone a long way to have issues like slavery, racism and gender discrimination almost disappear in most countries. Still, there is much to be done to fight inequality. Many of us living in well developed societies take for granted our privileges, which are not accessible to lots of people. Unequal access to education, quality health systems, justice and alike - is still an issue. For actions to be taken in this context, a good start is to raise awareness. That's what Blog Action Day aims to do, every year, on a single day - 16th of October - unite bloggers, non-bloggers and partners to create an amplified global discussion around one single topic, representing a social issue.

Blog Action Day, Inequality

Submit your blog today and learn more on how you could involve to fight inequality. You could also get a few ideas for your #inequality blog post from the interview we had with Karina of Blog Action Day.

Obviously, certain things can't be changed, such as the country of birth with its social environment, which at times plays a big role in the social facilities and opportunities we get initially. Nevertheless, there are inequality issues which we could change, and should. Please share and invite your fellow bloggers to submit their blogs and participate too. The more we are, the stronger the impact.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to make the world a better place.

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Jul 3, 2014

Pro Blog Tips & Updates Checking Upgrade

Are you posting often in your blog? Then you should welcome the new upgrade, allowing Premium blogs to be checked for updates 50 times more often compared to the blogs that distribute content for free. Now every time you get a Premium package, your content distribution accelerates considerably, so that all your posts get maximum attention of our blog network audience.

If you are updating your blog not more than several times a day and the rest of Premium benefits aren't a priority for you, then you are good to go with the free option of content distribution. Here's a tip to make sure all your blog posts get attention and distribution: when you have several posts to be published in a day, be advised to publish them at an interval or schedule them evenly throughout the day. Otherwise, only the most recent blog post will be distributed.

On another note, it has been observed that a number of bloggers use add-ons meant to improve blog security. Cheers to advanced bloggers out there! Some of those add-ons are meant to block suspicious visits to blogs. It's important to make sure that add-ons do not prevent legitimate visitors and blog services from accessing it. In order to avoid false positives it's advisable to make use of white-listing features. For instance, our content distribution service that checks your blog for updates would have "BlogUpp" mentioned in User-Agent string sent with the requests. Please white-list accordingly, to keep your blog content distributed properly.

With that being said, wish you all a great summer. Looking forward to your new stories to be shared on your vacations.
Keep calm and rock your blog

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Mar 4, 2014

Upgrade your blog widget. Get a Bonus

The web is evolving. HTML5 is here with its new standards, advantages and improvements. BlogUpp has been updated to be HTML5 compliant and optimized. It's a minor but important change for bloggers who want to have their blogs validated when it comes to latest html standards.

Get your upgraded blog widget simply by re-entering your blog address at www.blogupp.com. Once the widget-code shows up, copy and paste it in the sidebar of your blog, to replace the previous blog widget. Please be advised to put it above the fold (i.e. visible without scrolling), to show your respect for other community bloggers who promote your blog, and to make sure you get the most of our content marketing service.

This is also an opportunity to ensure your Twitter and/or Facebook cross-posting are properly set up. Note that Facebook requires users to periodically re-authenticate publishing apps. Meaning to allow BlogUpp cross-post your blog to Facebook and notify your friends whenever you update your blog, automatically.

By the way, on the occasion of BlogUpp's 6th anniversary, we are happy to give bonuses to blogs that have been part of our blogger community for more than a year. To qualify simply say "Hi" via an email (along with your blog URL) and you'll get 6k bonus content distributions for your blog.

Happy blogging!
HTML5 Blog Widget Upgrade


Feb 8, 2014

Blogger Contest. Spread Love to Get More

YOU are invited to our blogger contest related to Valentine's Day. Have to say beautiful things about love or your loved ones? Then you are ready for the blogger contest.
  • Simply express it in a kind and creative way,
  • Share your inspiring writing on your blog,
  • Let us know about it by linking back to this post or tweet your blog post with the hashtags #Valentine and #BlogUpp (we'll also be scanning our blog network ourselves).
We'll be giving away Premium packages of 10.000 content distributions for participating blogs of our blogger community members. And if your significant other has a blog as well and is participating in this blogger contest, then we'll be doubling the amount of content distributions for you two, i.e. each of you will get the double of announced blogger giveaway. Just send us an email showing your connection.

In addition, selected blogs will be listed in "Featured Blogs" section in the blog directory for a whole month. Note that if you are not yet part of BlogUpp blogger community, you can still submit your blog while this contest is open.

Being loved and loving stands at the root of most beautiful things in this world. And Valentine's Day is a great occasion to amplify all that. Join us to spread love, kindness and the beauty of it.

As an extra bonus, we are sharing with you a romantic music collection curated by us on YouTube, which could complete your special moments (note that some visual content might not be suitable for all audiences). Enjoy!
Valentine's Day Hands of Love

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Jan 14, 2014

BlogUpp aka BlogUp. Logo update

The name BlogUpp has 2 "p" to emphasize the word "Up" as well as be unique. Since bloggers name us "BlogUp" too, we've acquired BlogUp.com - so now it's okay to refer to us like that and reach our content distribution services via www.blogup.com as well.

BlogUpp logo (aka BlogUp)As you already know, our mission is to promote blogs and help you blog up. Our name is meant to tell that. In this context, we are also updating our logo to the one illustrated herein. If still seeing the previous logo, please clear browser cache.

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Dec 24, 2013

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and many happy returns from the New Year 2014.

With love and season greetings,
BlogUpp Team
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Dec 4, 2013

Adding blog widget to SSL secured sites

Secured blogs and websites with SSL normally have a URL that begins with "https://". If that is your case, note that when you install a blog widget from a non-HTTPS website, most browsers by default will not display the add-on as well as other page elements that come from non-HTTPS sources. You will also get a browser warning of mixed secure and insecure content.

To help our blogger community avoid these types of browser issues, we are glad to announce that now BlogUpp has SSL support for the blog widget, so that it can be safely installed on HTTPS websites. Note that we had SSL support on BlogUpp for a long time though, as a requirement for Facebook blog cross-posting to function.
HTTPS blog widget
Now we serve content via HTTPS by default when the service is installed via Blogger.com featured gadgets list. In all other cases, when the blog widget is to be installed on an HTTPS-enabled blog, simply do the following:
  • submit your HTTPS-blog URL at www.blogupp.com for your widget-code to be generated;
  • copy the widget-code to your blog (recommended above the fold);
  • find in the widget-code src="http://" and change to src="https://"
That's it. Now you can connect our blogger community via your HTTPS blog, as well as use BlogUpp service on corporate blogs for private content distribution networks.

Please be advised to use the HTTPS-widget when required only, i.e. if your blog itself is secured with an SSL. Otherwise, there is little reason to do that. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before enabling your HTTPS blog widget:
  • HTTPS-browsing is essential for websites that transmit personal and private information, since it protects data through encryption between the communication points. Whereas in case of web services that share non-sensitive public content, HTTP-browsing is optimal (e.g. most popular blogs do not run over HTTPS).
  • Data encryption over HTTPS takes slightly more time and resources; hence you could save both if data encryption is not really needed.
  • Older versions of web browsers do not cache HTTPS content, thus resulting in reduced speed of your overall browsing.
Hope the above is helpful. Please share your thoughts or concerns in the comments section below.

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Oct 21, 2013

Updates on OpenID Delegation and Authentication

Following up on earlier tutorial for authentication with OpenID delegation, this is to update our bloggers that myopenid.com issued identifiers will be no longer available starting with February 2014. Instead, you could now use your existing account with Google, Yahoo or AOL to enable OpenID delegation and authenticate into BlogUpp, to access your blog analytics and Premium discounts.
OpenID delegation
Special thanks to Sep Bar of SkyPrep blog, who has reported the above update, as well as helped us enable the other services as OpenID providers. For a list of them, please check here.

The original OpenID delegation tutorial has now been updated. Please let us know should you need any assistance or when you notice anything that requires our attention.

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